Ramada Pudong Airport Shanghai / Poor customer service

United States

I have tried corresponding via email with no response.I have been trying for almost 6 weeks to contact the Ramanda Inn Shanghai, 1100 Qi Hang Road, Shanghai 201207 CN without any kind of success. I have called the hotel directly, no one speaks English.I have tried 7 times now to contact customer care I have been hung up, transferred, given a reference number by a customer care rep named Jennel who never sent the invoice as promised.

On the eight call, I was introduced to a supervisor. (hard to believe these calls are recorded for training purposes. Supervisor kept repeating call the hotel directly and I repeated for the 3rd time “they don’t speak English”, her reply was ask for someone who does. Now low and behold how would I do that if they don’t understand or speak English.I cannot believe that someone who is trying to PAY, YES PAY a bill can get no resolve.

I need an invoice for Mr Michael Eckhart who had a reservation scheduled for Wed, Sept 28th. He cancelled the hotel (which was not within policy) so we were charged for one night stay which I’m not disputing for $152.23.I have never in my life experienced a hotel chain so incompetent. As a client I would never book a hotel stay in a Ramada Inn ever again.I have dealt with many European hotels, American hotels. You call a number ask for accounting and boom in 2 seconds you have an invoice.Your staff and help desk support are horrendous.If you’re not willing to put the effort into sending a customer a bill, I guess we just will not pay it.

I was also told by the supervisor 3 times to call the Pudong hotel. As I explained to her over and over again they DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH. Her response was call them and tell them you want to speak to someone who does.


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