Ramada Inn / Stay away from these crooks

United States

My family stayed at the White House for 2 nights. The room was very nice and the middle aged woman at the front desk had outstanding customer service. My husband is from that area and he heard from his family that they had good pizzas at the bar that is attached. So we went there and found it to be a nightmare. The old lady bartender was rude and liked to lick her fingers while making your pizza. When we finally got our pizza to bring back to the room the lod lady bartender just threw it at us as though she did us a favor by cooking it.

When getting to the room the childern were hungry and ready to dive into the pizza we noticed it was not cooked on the one side at all, so we pick it up and brought it back down to the bar. Well guess what the old lady bartender totally acted like she didnt see us for the first 10 min and then when we made it known we were waiting to talk to her, she can off with a total attitude and actually swore at us while throwing the pizza! And of course there were no managers on duty...NICE... SO to make a long story short I was happy with the room and the front desk staff but that bartender needs to go! I would love to talk to someone about this! I will never stay there again and trust me there are plenty of other hotels to stay at!


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