RaceTracuniversal lack of receipts at the pump, or why I stopped buying gas at racetrac

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No matter whether here in Naples, FL or the others in FL I have tried it seems a company policy [no paper in the printer] to get the customer inside. I was so aggravated at one station after this repeated policy-driven situation that I had again to go inside to retrieve a receipt.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Naples, FL There I got into a raised-voice exchange with an employee; enough of this! I started using my phone camera to take a picture which sufficed as a receipt. It turned out approaching 50% for lack of receipt. This has never happened at Costco or Sams, hummmm. On another occasion in Naples my credit card was scanned and i got a call shortly thereafter from the CC company, someone had hit the card for $90 of fuel at, you guessed it, the same Racetrac. There is a Small Shell gas station / convenience store near the Racetrac, I use that station, always a receipt.


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    It's a business ploy; get 'em in the store to purchase something. Neither do I see a positive future for corporate to change their annoying policy. Further the $0.009/gallon; when fuel was $0.25/gallon 9/10's of a cent was a bit more significant; now just asinine.

    I don't play in their sandbox.

Jan 20, 2019
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  • Mr
      May 13, 2019

    My Chevron station is the same (no paper!). I don't know how difficult it is to keep
    paper in the machine? I dislike going into the store and waiting in line to get a receipt.
    Seems this is a problem every where ??????

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