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Qwest / fraud and lies

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Qwest is incompetent. We were repeatedly getting ever higher bills from Qwest so, like everyone else in this economy we switched our extensive home service to Vonage to save money. This angered Qwest beyond belief who promptly terminated our internet service along with our home and office phone lines (without being requested to terminate the internet portion of our service). This took us a week to restore while our business was out of touch. Now we have our internet and cell service only with Qwest having a remaining cell phone that is under contract.

Qwest deliberately set up these accounts to all be separate and switched them from MY name to my husband's name so that when we called and paid over a $200 bill (in it's entirety) before Christmas they failed to inform us we had $32 outstanding because *QWEST* had set the billing up fraudulently.

So, in addition to terminating our internet service on our business Qwest now, on a Friday evening, shuts off our cell phone over a $32 balance we had no knowledge of. So we find ourselves in a snow storm traveling across country the day after Christmas with no cell service over Qwest's deliberate anger over losing our primary home line service. In addition, the office is only open M-F so as you, in your desperation to contact them can only be directed to a Qwest office that IS CLOSED adding insult to injury.

When you ask to have your service terminated (prior to the arbitrary termination date Qwest enjoys for YOUR service regardless of when your contract expires coming up 2/09 when they switch to Verizon). When you ask to terminate YOUR service early they charge you $200 but Qwest can terminate your service, move it or do whatever they want with it whenever they please.

Qwest, as you know, has a long history of doing nefarious activities to legitimate customers. Anyone interested in taking further legal action let me know. This company needs to be stopped.

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  • Ju
      28th of Sep, 2009
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    Carl: I would be GLAD to go after these liars. They did the same thing to us, only they didn't shut off our service, they're trying to say we own them $429. For what????? You know that no phone company on this earth would let you rack up that high of a bill without terminating your service. We didn't even know anything about this until we checked our credit report. We got rid of Qwest over 2 years ago over increasing fees every month. They wouldn't even bother to notify you, just send you a higher bill. They also tried to say that we still owed them $54 (that was our last bill), I sent them receipts, etc. argued with them for 6 mos. and they aid they had it taken care of . Now they come up out of nowhere with this $429 bill they pulled out of their a#@. Nice duplicate fake bill copies too.

  • As
      7th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Qwest sucks. I sign up for the $35 internet and canceled it after 2 weeks. Later I received bill for $106
    I took me an hour to get real balance $25
    I hope I won't receive any crap from them

  • Ms
      13th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    My mother is currently on the phone with Qwest because they have been billing her for long distance service even after she cancelled. They have these "unlisted" long distance numbers that have been called by her phone apparently.

  • Tw
      28th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    Qwest has recently merged with a large corporation, so is in the process of having more paperwork and crapola-hoops-to jump through to even talk to a customer, let alone try to help. I've been laid off from work for 2 years, and wanted to lower my bill, so I bundled my long distance, with local service, and instead of dropping 25$ as expected, was raised 22$. I was hit by Sunday tornado got phone service on Thursday, now its gone but rep said its localized trouble, then why did my friend who live 30 miles away have a similar problem 2 days ago, I think corporate transitions are messed up, and getting messier...

  • Qw
      29th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    Our company was a 16 year customer of Qwest with a broad system on connections in 8 states. We switched to Qwest T1 access at our store locations and the outages were so bad that we sent them a demand to improve service or let us out of our contract to find another carrier. Qwest recognized their bad service (41 outages, some for several days, in 5 weeks) and promised to keep our service going, and let us out of our contract, while we looked for another carrier. We have written documentation promising "no liability" to our company from Qwest employees. Then the bills came they had doubled and tripled our rates. When we contacted them about the overcharges they said we would need to sign up for a new contract. Figure that! We did not sign the new contract so they told us we had sixty days to find other carriers or they would cut off our service! We raced to find a new carrier and converted. As we switched the circuits to a new carrier and called to cancel each line with Qwest, they said that we couldn't and had to wait for 30-45 days to stop the billing. We got a three inch high bill from their company each month. As the circuits went away and the bill got smaller, we noticed that they were charging us for 4 duplicate services over a 18 month period. We have paid for all the services provided at the contracted rate up to the business day after our cancellation, but the remaining overcharges are $200, 000. This company is the most fraudulent group of thieves that I have ever dealt with in my 35 years in business. Any other businesses out there with similar Qwest bullying experiences? Qwest is without conscience they need a hugh class action lawsuit to stop this kind of fraud.

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