QVCcustomer service/account management


I placed an order on the 11th, rec'd a confirmation on the 12th, on the 13th I logged on to see if it had shipped and the order wasn't there and then I got kicked off the site. I thought they were having issues with their website so I called and was told that my account had been suspended due to past due easy pays. I had no idea what they were talking about but finally they mentioned the date and I realized they were talking about 2 purchases I had made when my bank had a security breach and we had to change debit cards - I called QVC at that time and thought it was taken care of on the new debit card but they say no. I am waiting for information where I can check this out. In the mean time they have charged me the first easy pay on this order they are refusing to send. They were extremely rude and I was just trying to get all this cleared up. If I owe them that money I will pay it --- after I am sure that I do owe it --- I would like to receive what I ordered but if not they need to refund the $50 they have already charged me with for that order they are refusing to send. They were astoundingly rude -- No matter how good the products may be or the ease of paying using the no-interest easy pays I will not purchase products from a company that is this abusive to me. They charged my card two days AFTER they told me they weren't sending the product - sounds dishonest to me. Don't order from them - other places have the same products - just turn the channel.

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