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Astoria, NY, United States
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On 09-20-18 I was sent by my Doctor to go to a Lab for blood work. I had another Doctors appointment the same day so I decided to go get my blood work the next day. The next day I went to a Quest Diagnostics near me (3014 37th St, Astoria, NY).
I arrived around 3 pm, the technician asked me if I had an appointment, I said I tried to make an appointment online, but I was not able to do it, the system kept kicking me out and, so I decided to walk-in. The technician told me that she wasn't sure if she could take me, even though there was nobody sitting in the waiting room, if someone comes in with an appointment, she would have to take them before me, I said, ok no problem, I can wait... but I could see that she wasn't pleased to do any work after 3 pm... I signed in in the PAD and sat down and waited for my turn. After 10m she called me to take my insurance info, then I went back to the waiting room a couple of minutes later, another walk-in entered the room. After waiting for about 20 m, she called me to do my blood work. I walked straight ahead towards the other doors thinking someone else was there to take my blood but, to my surprise, she told me to come into a small area right behind the reception area and then she proceeds to do the prep work. I recall saying "you're going to take my blood? Wow, you do it all around here? She said, Yes, I can do blood work. I removed my jacket and sat down and extended my arm out, because there was no armrest in the chair and not knowing where to place my arm... she grabbed my arm and rested my arm over the counter, which resulted in an upward position in relation to the rest of my body... I remember thinking, shouldn't I have my arm in a straight out position instead of upward...? I recall telling her, I had some blood taken the day before on my left arm, and if maybe, wouldn't be better to take blood on my other arm? She said it's not a problem. I then turned my head to the wall, so I wouldn't see her poking my arm. She placed the rubber band above my elbow crease, and in a few secs she begins to poke me in my arm, I immediately complained of the excruciating pain from the needle insertion, but she refused to withdraw the needle until she was finished drawing blood, ignoring my complaints...
I thought that she must have hit the nerve because of the pain, I felt it going down all the way to my index finger. I explained to her how it felt, like when someone gets hit in the funny bone, but worse, way more intense. It felt like, a bolt of electricity ran down my arm to my hand, and after she removed the needle it felt like it was on fire just above my wrist... she said:" wow, that must have been uncomfortable..." like if that was almost normal, like that happens sometimes...
I've have had my blood drawn lots of times before in my life, and this has never happened to me before.
Well, it has been almost a week now, and I still feel a shooting pain down to my index finger when I try to stretch my arm out to grab something. I am in a great deal of pain - under my arm, above my wrist, a portion of my left hand, the thumb and index and middle finger feel tingling and numb.
I told my doctor about it, and she recommended me to make a complaint and to have my arm checked out.
I'm going now to see a neurologist to get a electromyography (EMG) test done.

Quest Diagnostics
Quest Diagnostics

Sep 27, 2018

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