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Reading, PA, United States

This evening I was driving home and the driver of vexhicle 75431 ( didn't get plate) was driving very recklessly. This occurred in reading Pennsylvania merging onto rt 222 and then again on rt 222. The driver accelerated toward me as I was merging into traffic I swerved back into side of highway. He then proceeded to almost rear end the car in front of me. We then merged into the bypass where he again was riding the car in front of him way to close having to apply brakes to slow down. He swerved into other lane and back into the lane ahead of the next vehicle he continued to ride the bumper of the next car until I got off at Lancaster ave ramp. He was still driving unsafely when I lost sight of him. At the rate of speed and recklessly driving he could hurt someone very easily especially in the dark and with holiday traffic. Unsafe driver needs to be reminded that his actions could cause someone to loss there life.

Dec 22, 2018

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