Qatar Airwaysterrible customer care and terrible experience flying with qatar airways

My name is javier carinena and I write to complain about the extremelly bad customer service and experience I have been put through by qatar airways, and to request some compensation,
My flight qr943 from singapore to doha has arrived late (At 14:10) and even though there was plenty of time to make it to my transfer flight to madrid (Scheduled at 14:25) the airport workers have not allowed us to make it because they say “in doha airport all transfers need to be done with at least 45 min.”. It is a shame because there is enough time to catch the flight and as I stated to the workers, if I don’t catch that flight I will not make it for the job interview, which is the entire reason why I am flying to spain.
The workers took me to qatar airways counter where I was offered a hotel room, a taxi to the hotel and back, and a meal for qar 175 (Approx 50 usd). I asked for some kind of positive compensation such as miles or an upgrade to business class. They said no to both. Well, putting me in a hotel and giving me food only substitutes for an expense that I would not need if were in the flight (Because I would sleep in the flight and eat the on board meal) so really I am not receiving any positive compensation for the delay to go home and especially because I am missing my interview.
Next, they ask me to wait for a shared cab for “maximum 25 min” according to the melia person at the airport. It took exactly 1 hour and 10 minutes!!!.
We arrive to the hotel around 17:00 and I say I would like to eat. They tell me that I can only eat between 19:00 and 23:00…ok, again another gesture of care for the customer. Are they torturing us? I have not eaten in hours, I am here because the flight was delayed…is it so hard to give me a sandwich?
Finally, they put me in a flight at 1am to spain, and after 51 hours travelling I arrive to spain. Of course, I missed my interview and still have not managed to get a new interview time so chances are that I may have lost the job for which I have been applying for months.
The cherry on the pie…qatar airways lost one of my bags, which only appeared 2 days later.
For the above mentioned I feel that the customer experience I have been put through by qatar airways is horrible. I have missed my interview, I am stuck in doha, I have not been given anything whatsoever to compensate (I insist, giving me a hotel for 5 hours and a meal and a taxi is not a compensation since I would not need them if the flight had not been late. This is just taking care of my expenses for the extra day but not repairing the damage caused to me, nor making it up for me).
It is somehow funny that this happens to me now that I am writing an article about good and bad customer experiences. I guess, this is a good learning for me at least.
I request miles equivalent to one long-distance flight, such as the distance between madrid and singapore, in compensation of the torture I have been put through by qatar airways and by making me miss my job interview. I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you and best regards.

May 13, 2017

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