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Airline PNR:6WEIPB QR 573 Tue 11 Apr 3:40 .I have travelled from blr to Doha via Qatar airways. But in bangalore Qatar airways staff was very rude.I had to travel to USA alone with my 3year old twins via Doha .and I got overall 6 checkin bags 7 kilos was extra weight and they wanna charge all the bags where ever extra.i asked to consider extra 7kgs weight as one extra bag and I will pay for one bag extra.They didn't agree they 've asked reshuffle and repack those extra weight in one bag .it was 3:00 am and one side my kids were crying. still I removed extra luggage and they've checkedall the bags weight, one side kids r crying.they took so long to check in my stuff.and they asked to carryon 3 hand luggages .they can't checkin my hand luggage. they should've checked in as I've two kids in hand, What's wrong and what big difference for airlines in checking our hand luggages instead of carrying. Just think how difficult it is with a stroller and hand luggages.they should understand our situation also. After long discussions ground hostess called two persons one of them is bit elder and speaking very rude, saying 'who asked you to bring so many luggages if u are with children"., Is this the way they speak to a passenger.see we r not traveling freely and as per their regulations I've limited my luggage weight as well, and I've not crossed any regulations.After all I asked to checkin my carryon luggage as my hands r full with my kids .no manners to him.and while changing connecting flights they didn't hand me my stroller . How should I walk all the way to the next one of my kid was in deep sleep in the other hand carryon bags. I had to walk all the way up to immigration and next flight And no mobile cars .they say that is for wheelchair people .even after reaching atlanta also I didn't get my stroller I had walk all the way holding one kid in hand and in other hand with more kid walking with me up to baggage collection center .

May 01, 2017

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