Qatar Airways / got a mail regarding a job oppurtunity in quatar airways - wanted to know whether its true or not

India Review updated:


Dear job applicant,

Job ref: q. A-uk-10/016

Vacancies: unlimited for those in the (Aviation industry, it,

Project mgt. Administration, hospitality, managerial openings)
Contract duration: 4 - 7 years (Renewable, prospects of securing permanent

Contractor/ employer: qatar airways.

Agent/ recruiter: qatar airways career department.

Contract/ job location: london.

Sequel to the job advertisement made, we have reviewed your cv/resume

Sent by our labor consultants **,

* & http://www.timesjobs*.com for a possible job

Engagement with us and we also wish to inform you that you are eligible

For a job position in qatar airways group u.. K

Please answer and submit the official online questionnaire alongside your

Credentials/photo graph for qatar airways group u. K which will be used to

Ascertain your final eligibility for a job position in reference to your

Cv/resume as posted prior to this interview by,, &

There exist limited vacancies for those in the aviation industry

(20 successful expatriates needed for a job placement in united

*note: only successful and short-listed applicants will be contacted

Either on phone or email!

1. 1: aero engine jobs

2. 2: aerodynamicsfluids jobs

3. 3: air traffic control jobs

4. 4: aircraft interiors jobs

5. 5: airlineoffice jobs

6. 6: accounting jobs

7. 7: cabin crew jobs

8. 8: cargo jobs

9. 9: customer relationspass. Service jobs

10. 10: design jobs

11. 11: sales & marketing

12. 12: executive cabin crew jobs

13. 15: finance jobs

14. 16 fitters jobs

15. 17: flight simulation jobs

16. 18: freight jobs

17. 19: front office jobs

18. 20:grad.+ apprentice jobs

19. 21: hostess jobs

20. 22: i. T. Jobs

21. 23: landing gear jobs

22. 24: licensed maint (Base) jobs

23. 25: licensed maint. (Line) jobs

24. 30: marketing jobs

25. 31: pilots jobs

26. 32: mechanics. Techs. Elecs jobs

27. 33: quality safety jobs

28. 34: operations jobs

29. 35: paint sprayers jobs

30. 36: retail jobs

31. 37: sales and purchasing jobs

32. 38: ground staff

33. 39: systemssoftercomms jobs

34. 40: stewards jobs

35. 41: ticketing & reservation officer jobs

36. 42: flight stewards jobs

37. 43: operations officer jobs

38. 44: sales executive jobs

39. 45: project manager jobs

50. 46: chief financial officer jobs

51. 47: airport operations director jobs

52. 48: flight crew ground training jobs

53. 49: office manager

54. 50: accountant jobs

55. 56: customer service jobs

Good luck!

1. Briefly describe your ideal job?

2. Why did you choose this career?

3. What goals do you have in your career?

4. How do you plan to achieve these goals?

5. Can you work well under deadlines or pressure?

6. Tell us about a time when you failed to meet a deadline. What were
The repercussions?

7. Do you have reference list?

8. Why do you want to work here?

9. Why should we hire you over the others waiting to be interviewed?

10. What is your current monthly salary package in us dollars?

11. How soon can you travel down to start your new job?

12. What job position/s are you currently holding with your current

13. What three specific job positions do you target from qatar airways

Group u. K?

14. Give us full details on the following;

(A.) full name:

(B.) permanent mailing address

(C.) current mailing address

(D.) tel/mobile number (S)

15. What is your country of nationality? Is it different from your

Present location? If yes please state your current resident country.

16. What are your future plans for qatar airways group u. K?


Compensations and benefit packages for these positions remain competitive

And comparable with those available in leading aviation

Industries across the globe & negotiations are allowed.

Criteria for employment

Contract awards/ employment will be based mostly on merit and will be

Considered on experience and profile.


Over the years, the best recruited expatriates have been selected via the

Internet and the selection has proven to be unbiased & based on merit

Since our clients require the best expertise in various fields to enable

Them deliver within specified frames of time and harness the opportunities

In the operating environment.

Benefits available to short-listed job applicants

* free accommodation

* free feeding

* official vehicle with company driver for locomotion

* family status package + 75% for complete family welfare

* free to & fro travel ticket

* reimbursement for processing of travel paper (S), visa etc * upfront

Payment of first month's

Salary +benefits before re-location to job location

Many more incomparable benefits...

Important instruction for job applicants

All completed online interview questions should be submitted to the human
Resources department of qatar airways at:

Qatar. [protected] to enable them ascertains your eligibility

For a job position and make possible considerations for job offer in
Her company.

Only successful and short-listed applicants will be contacted and invited

For a job position and a mandatory orientation/ training

Program scheduled 3 weeks on confirmation of job offer from qatar airways


U. K


Mrs. Granny wellspring

Human resources assistant.

Qatar airways

Email: qatar. [protected]@gmail.

I got a mail like this, I just wanted to know whether its true or not. Reply me as early as possible...

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  • Ai
      11th of Feb, 2010

    What do you think?!?!?!?!?!?!


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  • Ka
      6th of Jan, 2012

    I`ve just also got simillar letter. After the completed of it I recieved the Contract signed by CHRIS HUMPHERY (HR Manager of Qatar Airways). I also would like to know does this document and the person are legal responsible guys and whether this documents has a juridical base.

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  • Hi
      5th of Jan, 2019
    Qatar Airways - Groundstaffs

    Good morning, I was flying on 18.12.2018 from Frankfurt to Doha. I was totally disappointed with the rude language spoken during check in. Finally the staff over there accepted her mistake but without any excuses. Her characters was indicating kind of racism. I never had such expirences till date. Any flight with Qatar will be ignored.

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  • Md
      22nd of Jan, 2019
    Qatar Airways - Transfer and transit service

    I was coming from Dhaka and going to Berlin. I had only 1:10 minutes transit time in DOH. Which is really short.Flight was delayed from Dhaka and I missed my flight in DOH To Berlin.It's was huge loss for me.they offering me next day morning flight but more then 3 hours I'm waiting still they can't finish their work to manage hotel and my food ;(

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