Qantas Airlinesdenied baggage check-through from london, heathrow to klia, malaysia

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To whom it may concern,

I departed Heathrow on 10 October 2009, 12:15pm flight QF 32, was denied check-through luggage and passenger all the way to KLIA. I was advised by the check-in counter to get a boarding pass from Singapore, Changi to re-tag and re-route my luggage in order to board my flight for KLIA and I only have 1 hour until my next flight. Given that 1 hour, I have insufficient time to move from terminal to terminal and my Qantas flight was late from Heathrow.

The reason given was no contract with MAS because my connecting flight from Singapore to KLIA was MH604, 11 Oct, 9:20am. I was very disappointed with the way I was treated even after clarifying with my agent on the phone in Kuala Lumpur, whereby she mentioned that there is no such occurence. Furthermore, the check-in lady was not helpful and said there is a long queue while I am so upset. Not much help afterall and ignorant.

I want a full background explanation for such a disaster that could happen and coming from a well-known and international airline.

This is my contact:

Name: Chew Soo San
Email: [protected]
H/P: +[protected]

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  • Sa
      Jul 21, 2009
    Qantas Airlines - They cancelled our filght
    Qantas New Zealand
    New Zealand

    Qantas cancelled flights we booked for some Japanese visitors, in poor health, and on a tight schedule. The flight was booked for 10.00am. Qantas phoned (three days prior) to advise us of this, and that we were now booked on their 6.00am flight, same day, reporting time 5.00am.

    We said "No Good mate - this requires our guest to get up at 3.00am, after a function the previous night. We can't change the rest of their international travel schedule, so we'll take your competitor's flight at 10.30am. Refund please."

    They said there policy was "the fare category under which we booked did not allow refunds in cases of cancellation". So we were not entitled to a refund.

    I explained that:-
    - Surely that ploicy was intended for a customer side cancellation, not for an airline side cancellation, and that;
    - New Zealand's Cnsumer Guarantees Act requires businesses to provide or pay for an equivalent service to one which failed.

    To which they did not respond, and did not provide any refund.

    The original flight and travel plans had been booked three months in advance. To replace the flight on the competitor, three days in advance, was now four times the price. We had to pay.

    Over the ensuing months, we never got any response from Qantas in New Zealand, or Australia to numerous complaints.

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  • Ms
      Aug 07, 2009

    Sorry to say, but ALL airlines have a similar policy. They reserve the right to cancel or change (due weather, act of God or whatever) schedules. If you do not have a ticket allowing changes / refunds or travel insurance to guard against such changes, you either take the flight that is offered or you forfeit the fare.

    QANTAS did the right thing to let you know so far ahead of time - most other airlines I have had similar experiences with do it same day!!!

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  • Lu
      Jan 06, 2010
    Qantas Airlines - bad attitude customr service
    qantas airlines
    perth airport
    Western Australia

    qantas customer service in airport perth deing rude and unfriendly and he should not work in costumer service as they alwasys said costumer is rigth and qantas airlines is suck and how you can miss ur fligth if u have a boarding pass printed by thier machine and queing for half hour to put your laguange and 10 minutes b4 the flight they anounce to go to counter and no person to assist us to go to counter and specially im a deaf and cant really hear much and by the time i put my language in n im 2minutes late cos of a long que and goto a qantas airlines customer service with bad attitude and ask us to pay 85d0llars and that rip off, qantas is rip off and bad servicen virginblu is better airlines and u lost me as a customer forever and im not happy and give me back my 85dollars cos i lost my flight because u dont put enough people at your counter and its always a que

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  • Sh
      Jun 19, 2011
    Qantas Airlines - Baggage and flight
    P O Box 2061 South Hedland
    Western Australia
    Phone: [protected]

    I am still waiting for my baggage to be found or replaced. I had damaged baggage so handed it in, this was in December 2010. It is now 2011 June and still have not got my suite case back .I have rung and they said that they dont have it they sent me a Kmart suite case worth around $35.00 this was nothing like my suite case that was part of a set. Told them I would not except this and wanted my case back. Whats more I did not give them permission to replace my case. Was told by one of the people that it was probley old and I should take what I was given then she hung up. I still have the code for the case but no one wants to deal with it. I was also told to lend a case if I need one. What do you do.

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  • Gl
      Jun 19, 2011

    These are people, whose flight attendants see nothing wrong in entering 1st class, and calling out, "anyone for coffee?", so it seems that ignorance is a requisite for that job! Once was enough with that outfit. Quantarse, I call 'em!

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  • Fe
      Nov 17, 2011
    Qantas Airlines - Baggage and flight
    Qantas Airlines
    United States

    Qantas lost my luggage for 6 days. Did not offer to reimburse me, and customer care will not reply. I couldn't finish my work there w/o bags

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