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qantas airlines-unreliable airline

Well, we all have our story to tell and unfortunately my one is no different from any other unsatisfied customer of QANTAS AIRLINES...whether it be FF member or not!!! I am a first time traveller with Qantas and was appauled o find that i had to wait at SYDNEY AIRPORT AUSTRALIA FOR 7hours for AIRCRAFT TO ARRIVE at 10pm in transit with 2 young infants and appauled at the lack of help given by the Service Staff offered in the waiting lounge at HEATHROW airport who then left me stranded by QANTAS with 2 infants again given no altermatum given a connecting flight to MADRID with IBERIA AIRLINES because there was no direct connect flight out to LYON airport in france ON QANTAS due to DELAYS again in aircraft arriving on shedule because they say due to busy traffic on the way over WHICH IS A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS!!! my foot!! and given no choice but to take the connecting flight on IBERIA AIRCRAFT whom the Customer Service assistance in the LOUNGE AREA were amongst the WORST to offer assistance to MOTHERS TRAVELLING ALONE WITH children to provide or offer any help or assistance at all because they say ITS NOT THEIR JOB TOO AND THAT THEY CANT HELP TO ASSIST AT ALL? AND THEY JUST COULDNT CARE LESS MOTHERS OUT THERE WHO ARE READING THIS COMPLAINT SOOOOO BEWARE ALSO OF IBERIAN AIRLINES!!! WHILE i informed their staff at the waiting lounge that i had a disability with sight as vision impaired so needed SPECIAL ASSISTANCE TO HELP ME FIND MY WAY TO THE NEXT GATE and they just said THEY COULDNT HELP ME!!! IT WAS NOT THEIR JOB!!! AND SO THEY JUST DIDNT GIVE A HOOT TO LODGE IT ON THE COMPUTER THAT I NEEDED SPECIAL ASSISTANCE which was what they were required to do and DIDNT...SO after fuming for half an hour i insited they tell me what gate i was boarding at and they finally told me GATE 8 so had to wait another 4 hours until i boarded again! so i made my way to the boarding gate which was a good 5 mins to walk to with 2 children, 1 was 3years old and a 7month old baby who after 2 whole days of DELAY DELAY were sooo worn out and tired that i had to practically drap my baby to the gate fast asleep and kicking a tantrum with my luggage in the other hand trying to balance out the baby tooo might i add ALONE!!! and BLOODY ANGRY TOOO sooo . once i got to the gate, the staff told me that there was a delay with the airline which meant i was going to miss my connecting flight to LYON FROM MADRID, which just took the cup as i have now made a world record of travelling alone BLIND, NO SPECIAL ASSISTANCE, TRAVELLING WITH 2 INFANTS ALONE and stranded in MADRID for the night til the next available flight out from MADRID TO LYON. how shocking and utterly disgusted i was to even have taken all this crap from just ONE UNRELIABLE AND UNTRUSTED AIRLINE!!! NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN QANTAS will i even recommend your airline to family or friends to travel internationally or nationally as you are showm to be INCOMPETENT TO PERFORM AND MEET DEADLINES. you all disgust me and never again will i ever travel with you again. I HOPE IN ALL DUE RESPECT THAT SOMEONE WITH HIGHER AUTHORITY SUES YOUR BLOODY ###!!! stuff your bloody FREQUENT FLYER MEMBERSHIP AS THEY DOES NOT HOLD ANY BLOODY SECURITY FOR ANYONE TRAVELLING ON YOUR AIRLINE KOS ALL THEIR GOING TO GET IS ANOTHER DISAPPOINTED FFLYER COMPLAINT OR OTHERWISE PUBLIC COMPLAINT MADE FROM MAD AND PISSED OFF PASSENGERS LIKE MYSEL[censored] you idiots!

  • Th
    TheObserver Apr 27, 2010

    Your complaint makes no sense and appears to just be one long rant. its impossible to make sense of. Might i suggest some rudimentary schooling in english before complaining again, it might help people take you more seriously.

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ground officer abuse of power

We flew as a family of four from Jakarta (one child is 3 y.o), QF 42 on Wednesday night 9 July, 11.00 pm...

Sydney Metro Area Airlines

terrible customer service

I booked a single ticket from the Qantas website for travel between LAX and Auckland on 8th June 08. This cost US$1261, which was paid for immediately on my debit card. I wasn't too happy at the thought of traveling with Qantas, as I have had problems with them in the past, but price governs much of our activities nowadays. The following day, having found a considerably cheaper route, I decided to cancel the Qantas ticket. I had to contact their Australian office (there is no other option if you live in New Zealand). I was told the charge for canceling would be US300 and would take 2 weeks to be credited to my account. I waited for a month but no refund arrived. I tried to contact their Australian call center again on several occasions, but the waiting was never less than 15 minutes. After a month, I managed to get through after being on hold for 25 minutes, where the totally rude operator hung up within 10 seconds. I rang again, waited another 30 minutes before being told that I would have to speak to their US office at a time when they were awake (due to time differences). I duly rang again at 8am the following day, when I was eventually put through to the US office, only to be told that they were only beginning to process refunds from 5th MAY! Working on the Qantas timetable, that means I am unlikely to receive my refund (less their US$300) for 3 MONTHS. I wish I'd had the option to wait for 3 months before paying them. Never again, Qantas.

  • Updated by Phil Abernathy · Oct 03, 2019

    Even the complaint registration page does not work well!!!

  • Mi
    Michael Jul 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You do have the option to book and pay later (up to 1 week before you leave).

    But make this your last time with Qantas, they are a terrible airline. Not worth the hassle

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  • Ma
    Matt Dec 09, 2008

    I travelled with qantas on the same route a few days later...I noticed that; closer to the time, there were better deals, but decided to travel with Qantas anyway.
    I had to ring them, as I had a query, but hung up after an hour! I know what you mean when you say it's impossible to get through.
    While their cabin crew were great, the only reason why I flew with Qantas was because of the way Air NZ was treating their chinese staff at the time that I booked. It was either that or Qantas and they seemed the lesser of the two evils.

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  • Ch
    christos32 Oct 16, 2011

    As a travel agent I can tell you that every airline can take up to 12 weeks to process a refund. However Qantas shouldn't have told you that the refund would be 2 weeks.

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  • Bw
    bwjones May 08, 2019

    Qantas have to have the worst customer service I have ever experienced.
    Absolutely no responsibility taken for lack of communication and totally unwilling to help in any way, blaming travel agencies and claiming that the agency is the customer not the people traveling.
    we will never fly with them again and will advise others not to do so.

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  • Ph
    Phil Abernathy Oct 09, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The Qantas website is one of the worst airline websites I have ever visited. I am a gold Qantas member and every time I make a booking there is something wrong and it also takes ages to load the pages and seat reservation page especially.

    Please is this digital day and age...this is the heart of your business. Get it right!

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  • Pe
    penskate Feb 01, 2020

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