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I bought a female German Rottweiler in March of 2018. I'm told she was 8 weeks by then. Since the day she has arrived, she has two UTIs, kennel cough, Gardias, hookworm, and whipworm. This is all before she even turns 4 months old. The breeder is not complying with my request to be given medical history records of her parents of anything that is genetic, hereditary, or any illnesses they had especially the female mother while she was pregnant. We also have been denied a certificate to be given by the breeder as well for Hip certificate since it runs in the Rottweilers genes. We need you to request those records for us please and we want to be refunded the full amount of what we paid for including the airport fees. This is unnecessary, unfair, stressful, and has impacted us deeply financially, emotionally, and mentally. Worst of all, the poor puppy is suffering. We have saved every document of every vet visit she has been to since March 19th, the day we got her. We can't find any record of her in the system being a registered legal breeder, nor can find the puppy ID in the database. It shows it is pending. I am concerned they are associated with a puppy mill which is well known for abuse, neglect, and infested health issues. We want to be reimbursed full amount of what we paid, and reimbursements of vet medical bills that we had to spend in two months alone which was over 1, 000 dollars. Jasmine (Hope) is in system as pending. What bothers me is that Gracie (mom) wasn't registered until 10/11/17 and jasmine ((her name was hope we changed it to jasmine Hope) was only born 2 months later so either the breeder only recently got Gracie or registered her for the sudden want to breed her. I am disappointed and appalled by the withheld information we have the legal rights to not being given to us. It is shady and unprofessional. (Please excuse my grammar since I am using an iPhone to submit a claim)


Jun 06, 2018

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