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PuppySpot Group Complaints & Reviews

Nov 28, 2020

PuppySpot Group — Health guarantee

Don't ever buy from puppy spot: read my story. I am so unsatisfied with your kindness to animals will...

Puppy SpotPurchase of a labrador puppy

I made a purchase on line of a Labrador puppy. They charged my credit card $4, 563.39 for a puppy advertised for $3, 099. They added $899 for travel, $179 for a "puppy kit", that I didn't order. After reading complaints about the company for being a puppy mill, sending sick, dirty puppies and those with congenital or hereditary conditions, I called their Customer Service representative. I asked for the name, address and telephone number of the breeder. They refused, claiming "protocol". Every breeder I have talked to told me they welcomed calls from clients. I cancelled my order.

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    Jun 06, 2020

    PuppySpot — Refusing to return all our money when the puppy we were going to purchase lost half of its weight and we cancelled our order based on health concerns.

    On Tuesday May 26th, I spoke with Anthony Smith of PuppySpot about a female Bichonpoo named Collette. Puppy...

    Mar 28, 2020

    PuppySpot Group — Sale and care of puppies

    PuppySpot at first glance appears to be responsive. That is the case until you actually receive your puppy...

    Mar 25, 2020

    Puppy Spot — Lies and horrible communication

    Horrible company!!! I enquired about a puppy and was told it was in Indianapolis which was only an hour and a...

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    PuppySpot Groupfollow through

    My experience initially was very good. The information, follow up and interaction on finding the dog I was looking for. Once I made the decision on the dog I wanted to purchase, the performance from PuppySpot turned into a complete fail. Coordination on delivery, communication, information from one "manager" to another was terrible and condescending. I completely arranged my personal work travel around the delivery and was very transparent with PuppySpot about the travel constraints that I would be working around. They could not give me consistent information and literally rescheduled the delivery 18 hours prior to the planned delivery to a week later and could not confirm this is now firmed. My money was paid in full almost a month prior but I am now still waiting for delivery with a tentative date that now does not work for my schedule. At this point I have moved from highly recommending this group to highly discouraging folks from using this group...

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      • Ca
        CaroleLynne Nov 21, 2020
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        My experience with PuppySpot was not the best. At first, I was excited to select and purchase a puppy, but things went downhill quickly. Trying to contact and work with this outfit is a joke. Every time you call, you get a different person. We even had to talk to people in the Philippines! Nobody ever knows anything and they never answered my e-mails. The delivery was messed up and nobody ever said why. Our puppy finally arrived 2 days late. The only good thing about this transaction was the puppy. She is beautiful, healthy, and happy; only the breeder deserves credit for that. I would not recommend PuppySpot nor would I go through the hassle of dealing with them again.

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      • Di
        Diane L. Nov 20, 2020
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        I had a very similar experience. Very engaged and eager to speak with you before the sale, and after you pay - silence. Then once you call, you're put into what I would describe as a call center queue waiting to speak with someone for awhile. Once the connection is made, the person you speak with is not as engaging or really able to answer the various questions you might have. There's unfortunately no regulatory measures over the sale of animals or puppies like these. This service is a puppy mill and if you're serious about being connected with a good breeder or want real information on what you think is a healthy puppy, then do not go through puppyspot. If I had to do this again, I would have held out for the dog I was looking for through a rescue organization.

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      Feb 08, 2020

      PuppySpot Group — puppy purchase

      I contacted PuppySpot concerning purchase of a English Golden. Someone contacted me and he could had a...

      Oct 30, 2019

      PuppySpot Group — puppy

      I got my first puppy thru purebred puppies. They received numerous complaints about puppy mills and came back...

      PuppySpotpuppy broker

      First off I love the little puppy i bought from them but she had a parasite, was not being fed waht they said she was and contacting them to ask a question is a joke. Was told someone would contact me by the end of the day never heard from them for days. Puppyspot takes a big bite out of what you pay for a dog. When I was looking one of the puppys on puppyspot was priced for 2800 the same puppy was on puppyfind for 1200. Seriously...

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        PuppySpot Grouppuppy mill

        This company has the worse customer service. They lie about vetting breeders before working with them and most are actually puppy mills. They scammed me out of $4, 500! I selected a puppy on July 18, 2019 and was assigned a puppy manager to assist in getting my puppy home only to find out she couldn't answer my questions. They sold me on using there transport team instead of flying to pick up myself. The travel travel date was delayed 4 times before I finally voiced my concerns. As soon as I did they said they can't place the puppy with me. I'm now trying to get my money back! It's a scam!!!

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          PuppySpot Grouptransportation issues, no communication about the issue

          My family purchased almost $10, 000 worth of puppies from this company. There was no issue with the first two at all, service was great. But, when it came to the last puppy getting delivered it was a complete disaster. I was told my puppy was going to be at my house July 13th but multiple people. I got a text from the transport company with transport information that was for me, but with the wrong puppy and wrong date two days before the delivery date! I called them to fix the issue and was confirmed three different times to make sure it was adjusted correctly and that I would be receiving my puppy on time. I got a text the very next day with correct puppy information, but with the wrong date still! I called them to fix their issue once again and requested I be refunded my $799 delivery fee since they messed up so many times and that I would not be getting my puppy until a week later to be told no. So they lied to me the day before saying that everything had been fixed, when it had not. They told me I could reschedule but it would be another two weeks. I asked why all of this happened and they explained that they had to switch the transport company because the truck was full. They failed to notify me of any of this! I had contacted them 3 separate times prior to this incident to get more information on the transport and got a response 2 days later each time only to not get any information and that they would get back to me on this. I am extremely frustrated that my family spent so much money with this company to be this dissatisfied. I need at the very least this transport fee of $799 refunded to me as the company did not do their due diligence to make sure the customer was completely satisfied and communicated to about the issue they ran into. I purchased my puppy June 15th so this really should not have been an issue since the travel date remained this the entire time! Please refund me the transportation money asap. This is a copy of the receipt I received in my email for payment conformation just so you can see my individual transaction.
          Lonnie (Puppy ID #604136) $2, 349.00
          Health Certificate, Pet Carrier, and Travel $799.00
          Taxes $299.07
          TOTAL $3, 447.07
          TODAY'S PAYMENT -$3, 447.07
          REMAINING BALANCE $0.00
          I paid way too much money for this to be handled the way it was and for no one to communicate at all with me about the situation. I now have to take the day off to receive my puppy since they scheduled my puppy's delivery date on a weekday without notifying me prior to scheduling. Fyi, my puppy is not even leaving until the day after it was supposed to arrive at my home. So I will not receive him until the middle of the day Thursday, July 18th. This is so unacceptable I cannot believe my family gave so much money to this company. My phone number is [protected] if you would like to contact me for any more information. Thanks

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            PuppySpot Grouppuppy sales

            At first, PuppySpot looks like a great website with lots of puppies to purchase. However, the salespeople are just that... salespeople. I asked two different salespeople how big the puppy that I chose would grow to be. One said 70-80 pounds and the other said 100 to 120. They really have no idea. They will tell you anything to sell the puppies. They promised to send us photos and videos of the puppy after we purchased her. They never did. They promised that the breeder would answer our questions about the puppy we purchased. They never did. Even worst, the puppy that I purchased arrived sick. Two veterinarians confirmed that the puppy was sick for several days before shipping. Also, the customer service people did nothing to help our sick puppy. They just quoted the warranty, which actually does not cover illnesses that the puppies may have when you purchase them. So, the health warranty that PuppySpot promotes really means little. I asked multiple times to have a supervisor or someone from management contact me. No one ever did. And emails and calls to their customer service were not returned. We learned our lesson and will never use PuppySpot again, but will rather go straight to the many breeders available.

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              PuppySpot Groupmy puppy makana hart dn56704802

              I purchased a puppy from PuppySpot and picked her up from the breeder May 19 2019.

              I believe the breeder exchanged the puppy I'd adopted which was more expensive, for her sister of the same litter. Both puppies were advertised through PuppySpots website.

              I've contacted PuppySpot more times than I can count for various reasons but it seems like when they have your money, nobody wants to return your calls.

              I sent pictures of the puppy I currently have and there is no way they can deny I have the wrong puppy. This is too complicated to get fully into it but communication has been extremely PROBLEMATIC for me. I have to keep contacting them for updates but nobody gets back to me as serious as this complaint is.

              I finally got a hold of someone and I was told customer service advocates is handling it. So I hope you got all the pictures I sent as that wasn't acknowledged, either.

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                PuppySpot Groupsick/unhealthy puppy

                Tim L in California bought a puppy. Their breeder is a puppy mill and the veterinarian failed to check the puppy for a hernia. I'm a chef and I noticed it. We were lied to from the start. Lied about the breeder, about the health warranty and health of the animal. Now they are refusing to refund the full price. I have called senator Marco Rubio's office about this company.

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                  PuppySpotmisleading information

                  I thankfully never got to the point of buying a puppy, although I was pleased to see so many positive reviews on their website, which I am now convinced were produced by the owners or employees. I was looking at a Pembroke Corgi puppy named Bree...black head, so probably a tricolor...with standing ears. I read about her, then went back to where I saw her picture, to go on to the next puppy. Imagine my surprise when Bree was now a much younger puppy of the same color, ears down, with a pink bow, and the puppy that was before called Bree was now named Jackie. I was confused, but went on to the next puppy that looked similar to the original Bree. Her name was Angel. After reading about her, I went back to the main page to find that Jackie was nowhere to be found, the puppy with the pink bow had a new name, and Bree was now a puppy two rows down. When I couldn't find Angel again, I decided to send a message to Puppyspot. After outlining all that I said here, I tried 4 or 5 times to submit my message but kept getting "error." Without changing any of my personal information, I entered a new message that just asked them to email me, and surprise! It went right through. A company that can sniff out a complaint before the message is even submitted? Obviously they've had so many complaints that they can. I wouldn't dream of doing business with such a shady bunch!

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                    PuppySpot Groupfailure to uphold their health guarantee

                    We are the parents of a Morkie from Puppyspot. The puppy came from a breeder in South Dakota. Our puppy has tested positive for Giardia and its side effects have put the health of other family members in jeopardy due to compromised immune systems as they have had exposure to our dog. The parasite has also affected our 3 lb puppy due to the side effects of the parasite as well.

                    Giardia was not something we expected as the pre-flight veterinary exam, which was completed 3 days prior to her arrival, was attested to by a veterinarian who claimed that she had a "normal" gastrointestinal system. It was confirmed that the "breeder" did not provide a stool sample and/or the vet never requested one. I am of the purview that the puppy did not have a through veterinary exam prior to the flight. In addition, the "breeder" vaccinated the puppy herself and that proper veterinary care at the appropriate interval would have eliminated this issue.

                    Further, as no breeder ID number was able to be located for this person at the time the deposit was made, a search of same has revealed that our puppy is one of many puppies she breeds. Now, with a diagnosis such as Giardia, perhaps her housing is not a clean and healthy environment for puppies to be raised in. Further, research of the breeder together with a review of what Giardia is, this purported person from South Dakota, may possibly be a puppy mill with unsanitary conditions. With the above being said, your "health guarantee" states the following: It all starts with choosing our breders. We carefully screen our breeders and only work with those who meet our industry-leading standards. Once a breeder has been accepted into our community, we continue to ensure that they are raising healthy puppies by requiring comprehensive health evaluations for every puppy they place through PuppySpot." (As an aside, the typographicial errors in the aforementioned sentence are by PuppySpot.)In this case, the within diagnosis does not uphold their alleged guarantee.

                    It is unfortunate that I already had reservations with regard with purchasing a puppy through PuppySpot after reading the reviews about other owner experiences with regard to sick puppies. My concerns were expressed to Lynn at the time the discussions began with regard to our puppy and it was explained to my husband that there were "just a few bad reviews". I am now one of those owners with a sick puppy and I intend to make other aware of my "1 star" review and of the misrepresentations sold.

                    Due to this Morkie's diagnosis, PuppySpot does not comply with their own health guarantee and I am of the opinion that the examining veterinarian was a fraud

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                      Feb 01, 2019

                      Puppy Spot — teacup puppy

                      I purchased what I was guaranteed to be a teacup Pomeranian. While they now state they make no guarantees to...

                      PuppySpot Group — low quality dogs

                      Puppyspot is a fraudulent t company that sell low quality substandard dogs from fraudu!ent BREEDERS!I I am...

                      PuppySpot — breeders and customers beware

                      The reason I really wanted to use PuppySpot to place my English Bulldog puppies was they are sold "Pet Only."...

                      PuppySpot Group — completely incompetent

                      0 Votes Puppyspot is great if you are looking for a frustrating experience exasperated by people who really...

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