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This company is using illegal tactics of entrapment to refuse service to paying advertisers. I was told today by Sheila that they call people and pretend that they are fake customers to gain information about the business and see if they wish to deny the ability to advertise on their site. Thye do not disclose who they are when calling all they do is trry to trick them into giving some unsatisfactory information to decline service. They make decisions that are based off of opinion and personal likings and not facts. I am hoping that others will join in and someone will be willing to look into this case. at [protected]. I was also told that they ban accounts via email AND PHONE numbers. So I asked well what happens if someone gets a new phone that belongs to an account that was once removed she said well then they will also be banned from ever advertising. Even if they have no relation they draw a conclusion based on phone number alone.

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      1st of Nov, 2011


    My name is Matt, and I'm the Relationship Manager with I'm leaving a comment to clear up any mis-information that has been provided by the complainant.

    While the complainant has spoken with a manager at, the manager did not supply this sort of information to the complainant. If and when it is necessary to remove an account from for violation of our Terms of Service (TOS), the company will only do so after performing the proper investigation, research, and proper questioning as needed. If we need to contact a member or an individual related to a situation we are investigating, proper identification of will be provided. Accounts are not simply removed per an opinion or 'personal liking'. Proof must be provided for any account to be removed. Whether it is an overseas scammer infiltrating our site or a puppy mill that has been turned in, we require proof that the account has violated our TOS, and we obtain that proof through legitimate avenues of research. works daily to remove accounts that are found to be in violation of our TOS. We do not sit back and let bad accounts to persist on our website. If an account is brought to our attention that we discover is in violation of our Terms, the proper procedures and actions will be taken with the account. If a member turns out to be legitimate, but perhaps is violating the TOS without their knowledge, they will be given the chance to correct their account. If an account is found to be in constant violation, even after multiple notifications to correct their account, the member will be given a final warning that their account may be suspended if corrective action is not taken on their end. If an account is suspended, the member must contact a Customer Service Manager to discuss their account and the situation at hand. If this scenario happens multiple times, an account can be danger of being banned for constant violation of our TOS. It is not our desire to see a situation like this take place, as we do our best to accommodate legitimate members of our website, but if they cannot abide by our TOS, then disciplinary measures must take place to protect the website and our legitimate members.

    While I do acknowledge that our website is not perfect, we are doing the best we can to provide quick and smooth service to all legitimate members, while dealing with problematic situations in responsible ways that are the most appropriate for and our members, as a whole.

    Thank you for your time,

    Matt Relationship Manager

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      24th of Oct, 2016

    They take money off your card without authorization even 2 months after deleting your account

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