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It is not up to the consumer to pick through the food to find good food but the responsibility of the store itself. We shop normally at the one on A1A in Ormond by the Sea which seems to be a pretty nice store but an awful meat department and sea food department. We live directly across from it and have always loved shopping there. Now that things are a little hard for everyone, we have found the quality of there products to of gone down hill and actually sort of have gone from bad to worse. It may not really be called stealing for those of you whom are ignorant to buy stuff and just throw it away. I consider it a responsibility to the consumer to make things right. They told me last time it happens that I could just come by and they would make it up to me and even spoke with the representative in altamonte springs or somewhere around there but he turned out to be a spokesman for PUBLIX and his words became as worthless and the ammonia tasting crab legs. If they would only get the right people in there and make it right. That would be nice. Instead they know how to pass the buck and make a buck. Good luck to all as we now shop at SAMS and COSTCO. Much better...

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  • Ni
      May 31, 2009

    I've lived in the area of this Publix store having shopped there for some 22 years and never, not ever, have I had anything that wasn't up to par so if you desire fresh seafood to your liking, may I suggest a seafood market where it comes in fresh each day and be there when it's delivered or dine out for your seafood meal. Publix has a reputation for always and I do mean ALWAYS of satisfying their loyal customers.

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  • Im
      Jul 12, 2010
    Publix Supermarkets - unsafe for the elderly
    Publix Supermarkets
    United States

    Publix is not a safe enviroment for the elderly: my 84 yr old mom was insulted and accosted in the check out lane by a couple known to the employees as violent and abusive, they had also refused to be served at the meat counter because the employee was an african american... (. He probably won't have his job much longer for revealing this information to the police dept... Poor soul) but the manager (Jean andreau) did not seem to think this was a big deal!!! When my mom left the store, the couple ran her overin the parking lot!!! The charlotte county fl sherriff's dept refuse to do anything regarding the incident claiming "it's a civil matter": publix are refusing to take any responsibility as well... Claiming "we are not responsible for providing a safe environment, just groceries" you be the judge... Would you let your elderly loved ones be at risk in this conglomerate of irresponsibility?

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  •   Aug 01, 2010

    Sams Club is [censor]

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