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North Port, FL, United States

We have been a Publix customer first in North Port and now in Naples. I have three issues I'd like to share with you that I have found common in both cities.

First, while I appreciate you wanting to support local charities and causes, it gets very old for your cashiers to ask for a donation nearly every time I shop. We give significant sums to charities of our own picking. We don't need your corporation making us feel uncharitable every time we buy a loaf of bread.

Second, your deli people inevitably try to give us more meat, cheese, etc. than we ordered. A hald pound means a half pound, bot two tirds or three quarters of a pound. I can't help but feeling your people are directed to add a bit more to each order.

Finally, we have found your produce to be less than fresh on numerous occasions. The strawberry seem to turn bad quicker than normal, or we'll find that when we open a package of celery that some of the staks are only fit for the disposal.

While we hate to do this, we are going to start frequenting Winn Dixie.

Apr 12, 2017

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