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I went shopping @ the publix in port saint Lucie fl. on us1 and prima vista and on that day i went shopping for business and personal items @ publix. To make a long story short i was waiting for the employee @ the deli to slice meat for me and she was very pleasant. My 1 year old was getting restless for sitting in the cart and i tried my best to tend to her. If you are a parent you can imagine how hard it is shopping with a little one. As i was tending to my daughter i hear a voice scream with passion shut that baby up!!! UGGGGGGGGG! With all the mannerism to go with it.

I turned around to comfort her and she said she could not hear the customers because of my daughter. No excuse publix. Come to find out she is the deli manager. I went straight to the front desk with tears flowing from the embarrassment and abuse i had received. The manger came out and was not as worried about the incident as i was and he said the he would talk to her. I said that’s not enough and i told him i was contacting the corporate office. he said go ahead and do that all their going to do is send me a letter and i going to talk to her like i going to do now and that’s all. so i was in tears my daughter was upset to see me upset and the manger did not do anything to make things right.

I went home and contacted customer service and they were closed because it was Sunday. So i called the next day and left a message of my complaint. I then spoke to the district manager a few days later that heard my story and seemed very worried about the situation. He assured me that he would take care of the matter. He also said he would send a letter out to me. 1 week later a letter arrived with apology from publix and a gift card for 25 $. I am so dissatisfied with the way this was handled. I will not use their gift card and i will not let this go, the deli manger and publix needs to be held liable for customer and child abuse. Shopping is not a pleasure with publix. Thanks for hearing me out.

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  • Kr
      Sep 11, 2008

    I'm sorry to hear that you were upset. Maybe the deli person was just stressed, and you definatly must have felt overwhelmed. Sometimes we just have to take the baby out of the seat, go for a walk or give a hug. The manager made you feel as though it would be swept under the rug. He may even be friends with the deli mgr. The truth is they see the customer as
    irate and emotional and probably wouldn't have said much to the deli mgr. at all. They'll just throw gift cards at you. Sorry you had such an unfortunate experience.

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  • Ja
      Sep 23, 2008

    While I do find that a Publix Deli Manager would do such a thing, I am more concerned in your reaction to the Publix response. What do you want from them, you received an apology from the Manager, an apology from the District Manager and a letter from Corporate apologizing with 25$ so what could you possibly want more from them? To fire every person you talked to and didnt find a correct response from? When you work 6 days a week 10-12 hours a day and have to deal with people all day then come to me with an actual complaint.

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  • An
      Oct 21, 2008

    Child abuse? Really? What are you, stupid?

    You got several verbal apologies, a written apology and $25 bucks for free, all because YOUR kid was holding up a business. Now, I understand that when a baby is uncomfortable, it cries -- it can't do anything else. You, however, are an "adult, " so I don't see why you burst into tears (you're not a baby, are you?) over the fact that no one likes a screaming baby -- especially when it's stopping the flow of business.

    As for this "abuse"...

    Did anyone hit you, threaten you, curse at you, or personally attack you? No. Someone told you to quiet your kid, and they were rude. It's nothing worth, uh, crying over.


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  • Be
      Jul 02, 2009

    I am so glad they have a website for all the stupid complainers to fuss about things... why dont you guys just go buy an island and all live on it so you all can hear each other complain... or better yet... drink the hormone injected, extended life milk that walmart sells... and eat their meat that stays on their shelf for over 14-21 days while Publix meat only stays on the shelf 3-5 days TOPS!!! freshest meat you will find... no added solutions... go complain about something else... you guys are pitiful... fuss fuss fuss... this is bad that is bad... wow... get a life

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  • Pa
      Dec 22, 2009

    How horrible. The manager should never have yelled. I work for Publix and see this stuff all the time. Most people dont have the gonads to call corporate. I would hope you would give Publix another chance. Not all employees or managers are like that. Some of us try to exceed expectation and some of us are better at taking a tough situation and turning it around. It sounds like you had a terrible day and they just made it worse. I am old school and believe every customer is valuable. With out customers we might as well close our doors. I work for Publix and i have seen wonderful managers and employees do great things. I have unfortunatly seen poor customer service and terrible behavior by publix managers and employees. They are human, but i know i have wondered how some of these people even made it through the interview. They dont smile they are not warm not friendly. How do they have jobs??????? Give Publix another chance. Also, keep corporate office informed. Squeaky wheel gets the oil. If more customers put in valid complaints them maybe they would quit pushing through these crappy managers. Again, i work at a publix not all my managers are nice and they all do not follow the Publix values.

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  •   Aug 01, 2010

    Im not sure what more you would want. Of course the deli manager was ABSOLUTELY out of line for saying that to you. I worked in grocery retail for 4 years now, and although babys can be loud and on a stressful day you may want to lash out, you never say anything like that to a customer, its just human decency to keep that to yourself.

    I guess im confused as to what else you wanted from the company. did you want them to public humiliate her as she did to you? you got a verbal apology from both the manager and the corporate manager, as well as a letter of apology, and a gift card. i suggest you grow up a bit, and accept their apology, because if you dont you just come off bitter, and those customres are the absolute worst to deal with, and have no place shopping in my store.

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  • Co
      May 05, 2011

    I work at a publix, and under no circumstances was the deli manger right. she should not have talked to the customer that way, and the store manager should have showed some concern. the time that i have worked at publix i have learned that although they are a fortune 500 company they do not care abou their customers, or employees, all they are about is making money, as any other job. that customer should not have been talked to or treated that way. Although the deli manager should not have been fired she should have been placed on suspension of some sort, to set an example for all managers and even other employees that talking to a customer in a rude manor is not and will not be tolerated, but they are quick to suspend you for other things like tardiness, or calling in to work. They are missing the point, these people that you treat so rudely is the reason you get a pay check every week. For those of you that are on here calling this customer stupid, and a idiot, you must me one of the ones that talk to customers that way, but never forget, you're a customer in places you go, how would you feel if someone treated you that way?

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  • Pu
      Jan 11, 2012

    went to Publix in Boynton Beach Florida. Young black girl names Nanci was in the express line working. There was only one other line open at 1pm and that line was backed up. I only had 14 items so I thought it would be safe, considering there was nobody in line at the express lane. nanci decided to make a remark about how she did not have to ring me up. She made it seem like she was doing me a favor by taking my money! I waited for her to finish ringing me up (the extra 4 items took about 3 extra seconds of her precious time) and as soon as I had my receipt, I told her that I worked for Publix for 7 years (true story) and I would have NEVER made a comment to a customer like she had. She then proceeded (there were 2 customers in line behind me at this point) to challenge me to go "try to get her fired". As I walked away, I could hear her laughing it up with those 2 customers about the apparent crazy woman who had dared get into the express line with 14 items. I then went to the manager, who literally looked at me like a deer in the headlights, with extreme pauses of uncomfortable silence, and finally asked me what my name was. He wrote it down, as if it somehow even mattered (WHAT WAS HE EVEN GOING TO DOOOO WITH IT?!) and asked me if I'd like someone to call me. WHY would I want someone to call me?!!! I told him thank you and that I would not shop there again, as there are several grocery stores in the area, and he actually had the nerve to smirk at me as I walked away. Such poor customer service. Not the company it was when I worked there.

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  •   Jun 13, 2012

    ^What a ###. Don't go through an express line if youre over the limit.

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  • An
      Oct 10, 2015

    This complaint just illustrates why most publix customers like you make working there an utter hell most of the time.

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