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North Port, FL, United States
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To tuesday, december 16, 2013
United states senator bill nelson
Landmark two
225 east robinson street, suite 410
Orlando, fl 32801
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Andrew marc levitin
4751 south biscayne drive
North port, fl [protected]
[protected] pily (wife) cell
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Dear senator nelson & staff


Hi this letter is not really for senator nelson’s office to do anything with other than to be made aware of the situation at hand. I was going to give a copy of my social security impairment cd to publix grocery store corporate headquarters but, and this is snide, after what has occurred over the years where people say I do one thing and something else has actually occurred and have gotten law enforcement whether local or federal involved and blatantly allowed false accusations to arise in the form of either trespass warnings or alleged criminal charges appear.

I am getting tired of “idiots” misinterpreting what I say when I say something but unlike what the gentleman who evaluated me specifically said about not
Being able to have or hold a complete thought. that specificity about my individualism is different when I can take the time to gather my thoughts via an outline and extrapolate or elucidate them in the form of a letter such as this.

Police officers have a hard enough job as it is but and however when they base any form of charge or warning on the fact as an alpha dog (at least that is what he described himself as at the north port police department) on the fact that they have never taken the time to find out the true story with me. all they and many other companies and agencies do is blatantly utilize the badge and gun to violate my civil rights and the ada.

I can if necessary send you what I sent to the doj >criminal rights division ada alleged violations and potential criminal acts< and fdle concerning the violations of all of my rights and my wife maria del pilar sanabria-levitin. this almost constitutes a “hate” crime as my disability is distinct in the fact that my personality, behavior, actions, and vulgar language are inseparable from each other. a hate crime is when you attack a specific caste of society of which I am in all by my lonesome. call it “kismet” that when they classified me this way at social security but as I said in the letter that I sent to you on december 15, 2013, i, most likely am the only person specifically classified this way which makes any form of attack directed at me the literal definition of a “hate crime”.

Now to the heart of the matter of which I am not asking for any form of direct intervention on behalf of senator nelsons’ office, lisa, even though I think you might personally be aghast that this continuously occurs to me especially how it relates to publix. I am going to paste below what I wrote on a google review over a week ago. the website where you can find the review is at:

Review publix super market at heron creek towne center
1291 s sumter blvd, north port, fl 34287
Hated it
I have impairment code 2940 which among other things is a combination of tourettes and aspergers syndrome and social security (ss) has tied in my personality, my actions, and my behavior to my disability which is protected by the americans with disabilities act (ada). whether it is agreed on or not by the general populace, when you violate my civil rights while on disability you can be charged with a hate crime as it goes towards a caste of society since I have a distinct succinct disability wherein my situation I am the only one with this disability. carol crow?, one of the managers
[protected] violated my civil rights when then the advent of the aspergers and tourettes part of my disability comes out.

I tried to tell her that I have the specific disability written above and when I told her that I never have used vulgarity with her due to the tourettes syndrome she responded before I could say anything else are you threatening me? how stupid can any person be especially when I told carol three times that I have that disability, her response was she did not know from any disability and she said I was making it all up. at that point she called the police on me to trespass me from the store after she purposely went out of her way to antagonize me and accelerate my lack of social interaction per the aspergers syndrome which is part of my protected ada rights.

Lisa, I have been in contact with publix headquarters and their assistant to their chief legal counsel jennifer? who is a paralegal and has a bachelors degree. she was also aghast when I first started talking to her about problems with their stores prior to getting trespassed but eventually she was told to back off by their upper level management and none of the situations that I have substantiated proof of were taken care of.

Lisa, as I said my impairment code of 2940 per social security is real. and my sub-classification of subsection >312.34 – intermittent explosive disorder< are legitimately part of my disability of which you have a copy of my ss cd and proof thereof. I will not allow publix or anyone else to violate my civil rights in the process of me shopping there. any firm has the right to ask law enforcement to trespass anyone from their establishment but they cannot base their decision for said action on any person’s disability. rudeness, crudeness, vulgar words, denigration, condescension, belligerence, obnoxiousness, abrasiveness, sarcastic and facetious are but a few of the characteristics of the disability, all documented in the cd.

I am in process of letting the world know anytime I talk to anyone as I start the conversation out I specifically tell them that I have impairment code 2940 with a brief description of what it is since mark alexander secret service agent >tampa fl field office 813.228.2636< has told me to because my disability is not visible, people must have knowledge of it in order for me to sue them. I had no intention of suing anyone, as that is not my nature. my nature is finding people that are in government that acknowledge that “people” are insecure or otherwise are what staff these companies or agencies and bring whatever inadequacies to their attention so they are aware of what has transpired to potentially prevent it from occurring all over again.

I do not feel comfortable with anyone at the “great publix” having access to my ss cd, but I do feel comfortable in having you, lisa. please be available to talk to anyone at publix that is identifiable about my interactions with you at senator nelsons office and what is on my ss cd. until what occurred at publix with carol crow, I thought that the company was a great company.

Final note I am contacting the criminal rights division of the doj about a potential hate crime concerning publix, the north port police department, and other companies, and agencies. the police cannot say we did not know, as they do not allow us ignorance of the law when they are investigating anything. they have a tough job, but they are not going to walk on me in the process of doing their job.

Don't tread on me
"all men recognize the right of revolution; that is, the right to refuse allegiance to, and to resist, the government, when its tyranny or its inefficiency are great and unendurable." - henry david thoreau

Sincerely yours,

Andrew marc levitin
Social security impairment code 2940

Publix corporate office in lakeland, fl
Doj criminal rights division >ada violations
Publix store manager jack drew? 41 & sumpter north port, fl
Mark alexander secret service agent tampa florida field office
Disability rights section staff doj sent already – email
Carecentrix - jim kinville
Bcbsfl - ceo
Bed bath and beyond - ceo
Walgreens - ceo
Murphy gas - ceo
Pizza hut – englewood – district manager – yum enterprises?
200 plus copies for any place I decide to shop at in the city of north port, fl or anywhere.

The city of north port and the north port police department will get a copy of this letter officially when they get sued after the doj gives their ruling. I told danny shultz – assistant city manager and marilyn that I had this disability over two years ago and per marilyn, lisa, I should apologize for my actions when they are the disability. people do have rights but the rights of the disabled supercede the rights of the individuals that are not disabled. cry wolf to the police when none exists and then there will be legal repercussions.

And finally to the gentlemen and ladies in law enforcement where this letter will ultimately end up, other than myself since it is my information:
Unauthorized disclosure of information in this letter is a crime under section 1106 of the social security act.

Federal trumps local when it concerns the ada.

Reasonable accommodation
Per the ada (americans with disabilities >federal< act) regulations. the civil rights division of the u. s. department of justice is responsible for the enforcement of title iii of the ada.
When a retailer fails to comply with any of the ada public accommodation requirements, regardless of how minor or how severe the violation that retailer can be sued for disability discrimination.

I, andrew marc levitin, have an united states social security disability

Impairment code 2940 which is a combination of tourrettes (use of vulgar

Language) and aspergers syndrome. I also have a documented

Sub – classification of ied (intermittent explosive disorder) – verbal

Antagonistic outbursts which as the term intermittent means at any possible

Time wherein undue pressure is given due to real or perceived provocation. I

May say something inappropriate, but that is documented as part of my us

Social security disability, and it is not to be inferred as a danger to an

Employee. my doctors, and I find that the lack of interaction with people

Wherein people initiate the interaction with myself as an individual as one of the

Triggers that causes outbursts. I specifically request as reasonable

Accomodation that I be left (not disturbed when shopping) alone to shop

And unless I need specific help and ask for it, to not instigate a situation with

Me. otherwise, you are in violation of the ada and violate my civil rights

Which can be a crime in the usa.

You can believe anything you want since you are an american citizen but you

Will not violate my reasonable accommodation request and direct your lack of

Understanding of my disability at me with the police as your baseball bat as the

Doj – department of justice and their criminal rights division as my baseball bat. this ain’t a game.

Jan 07, 2014

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