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Publix / do they really care about the worker

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Ok, I work for Publix. For nearly 4 years. I am a hard worker. I've worked in five different stores, the store where I'm working at present is the best I've being with. My problem with Publix is most managers can be your best buddies but at the same time they are slowly twisting the knife in your back. I've being denied promotion, only been off sick once. Receive excellent performance reports every six months. I finally had to call Human Resources to get some advice. The problem with this 12 - 13 week bonus, is store managers only look out for themselves. Do they really care about the worker, I know they care for their own people (family; friends and other store mangers next of kins) I've worked with a few and all have said the same thing, if it wasn't for the shares and the bonus money, they would never work for Publix. Would like to know other people views.

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  • Le
      29th of May, 2008
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    I am so fed up with my store, I have been working there almost a year and it seems to be getting worst every week. I have complained to managers and asst. managers and nothing is happening. They tell me everything is being documented and due process but if I did some of the things like not work and stand around, call out if the wind blows wrong, ignore customers or stay in the office on my shift I would get fired in a second. And its not only the management not doing what its supposed to do but co workers also. They say publix is a team effort... not at this store...If you dont do it it wont get done. Coworkers tell me now that I have complained I wont get good evaluations anymore and no raises as well. I truley believe that all managers and asst managers in the store (all departments) should be transfered out and rotated store to store every year (ie. managers in Jan., asst. managers in June) That way they are no clicks and no favorites. Maybe its a start to improve the store and its employees.

  • St
      27th of Oct, 2008
    +10 Votes

    If you enjoy being crapped on and bullied by ungracious customers that will embarrass themselves to get a discount or something for free, constantly micro-managed, being over-worked and never having weekends off with your family, work for Publix

  • Sa
      25th of Mar, 2009
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    It's the new Publix. They are promoting all the 20 yr olds into management positions and making life miserable for anyone older. They are trying to push out the older higher paid workers and the new Publix is going to be the "baby" generation. All the new babies are young boys ... Have you ever checked to see what the stats are with how many women are promoted vs the men/boys? They pull in one or 2 to "keep" the stats satisfied but if you check the Non traditional positions are being filled by males. I've heard that various D.M.'s will call and ask: Do we have a female, spanish woman that we can move up?" Or. We need to satisfy our "quota" of a woman in a management position"...That is an "unspoken" comment so to speak. It's done in a way so that you finally loose interest in becoming a manager. You give 100% and if you don't fit the "mold" then you are just given some kind of comment. I was on the finalist list and told they were "just waiting" on an opening and was moved to a larger store to get experience in the mean time.

  • Ma
      28th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Just like any other major company, Publix will have to meet certain "quotas" to keep themselves out of court. It wasn't very long ago Publix paid out millions of dollars to women in a gender settlement for discrimination. 1997 I belive was the year. Now, it's always been Publix's way to promote from with-in. That may be why you will find Publix managers to be often very young adults. However anyone older shouldn't be discouraged just continue to do their job and keep the doors for communication open with their store managers and DM's. I just recently had a 38 year old Grocery clerk promoted to Assistant Grocery Manager and a 55 year old Assistant Grocery Manager promoted to Grocery Manager.

  • Da
      19th of May, 2009
    +4 Votes

    Publix as a whole is heading down hill, my husband has worked for publix 20 plus years, and the pressures that managers are under is unreal, ask them, everyone is job scared. They cut all your help and want more from all of the managers. The customer service is not what it once was, because the way everyone is treated from ALL supervisors. Doesnt anyone see where this company is going? REminds me of Food Lion and Winn Dixie. Since the loss of Mr. Jenkins and the once at the top now, nothing will ever be the same. they do not care about there emploee's, it all about getting to the top at any cost. Mark my word this company will crash if this continues.

  • Co
      24th of May, 2009
    +6 Votes

    I will be as brief as possible, just noting the important facts;
    New f/t employee at Publix in Ga. Worked prior for Publix in Fl. p/t. Knowing prior what I know now and have experienced since my very first day here, I would have never taken a position with Publix if I had a choice. I will be leaving at my first opportunity!
    I am astounded at how ALL non-mgmt. employees are treated here and what they're EXPECTED to endure! These so called managers (young adults) are more like insecure big children with a bratty attitude, no respect and feel they have the right and power to bully and abuse the older subordinates, all subordinates who are beneath them in title. Unless you're in the click of brown-nosing back-stabbers.
    I personally chose to never and would never consider mgmt. at Publix for several reasons: I don't want to spend the rest of my short life living at a store and I will NOT be owned by a company. I've found now that Publix (even non-mgmt) believes they own you! You are expected (even at the lowest level) to sleep, eat breathe, piss & sh** Publix. And for what? The pay has not improved. They're certainly not known for a great pay scale. It's on the low end to comparable positions in other companies. Moreover, since Jenkins passed, the corp. has adopted a new motto; we don't care about the happiness or well-being of our employees. Just use & abuse them until they can take no more. If you choose to voice your concerns, you'll be labeled as a "trouble maker" and/or someone who is lazy and don't want to work. Just because you want to work only 40 hours a week. And watch out for the manager who appears to be listening to your concerns...he is devising ways to "do you in" as you speak. How dare you complain about the mighty Green "P" that fattens his pockets. And the benefits are no better at Publix than any other company. The health insurance is very expensive. The stock option sets them apart, however it's falling rapidly. Gee, I wonder why. Publix better open their eyes and recognize that unhappy and burnt out employees will bring even the strongest corp. down. Employees are what make and break a company no matter how almighty they believe they are.
    I was hired to work 40 hrs. a week. I have not worked less than a 50 hr. week yet- minimally! I am told "I MUST work these long strenueous hours that I can't physically endure! My physical health has deteroriated more in the last couple months here, than it did while working one f/t and one p/t job in Fl. at the same time for two years! The response I get from mgmt., " It is my responsibility. There is no-one else to do my job." If it & I were that important, seems like they would NOT be burning me out and driving me away. And I can't wait to be "away". And my pay would reflect such importance. I am told I have no choice about the hours unless I quit! Even though I was NOT informed of such prior to hire! The old "bait & switch". They don't value their employees as they once did many years ago. There was a time when a Publix employee could be it's just embarrassing. And don't expect mgmt. at the top to address any concerns as they have their own agenda and most are just riding out their time until they, themselves can escape. I would suggest to anyone DO NOT WORK FOR THIS CORP. It is not what they portray. They will use & abuse you until you're physical & mental health collapses! They DO NOT CARE. You will not be appreciated! You ARE NOT valued! You're not a person at Publix. You're a machine. And with the job market the way it is...they certainly will use that to their advantage. They know people must have an income and can't afford to quit. And that's a dirty way to keep employees.

  • Ti
      23rd of Jun, 2009
    +6 Votes

    I applied for a position at Publix 2 years ago.

    As I was filling out my app, I was approached by a female manager, and told I could not be employed at Publix unless I cut my hair (I have longer hair, Native). They said I wold not even be considered for employment otherwise. I'm a male, and it's their policy (which is getting rare these days, and has never even been an issue in the past). What bothers me most, is that I was told this by a woman with men's length short hair, wearing what would be considered "men's" clothes.

    Yes, I understand it's the company's "right" despite the intent of Title VII law, and they are not 'technically' violating my rights. But anyone who gives this half a thought can see it is not legit here. You see where I'm going with this?

    Reading what has been said here, and knowing some employees of the company myself, I am glad I did not end up being employed there after all. Regardless, Publix needs to get its act together. I deliberately do not shop there anymore if I do not have to, chiefly for these reasons. Discrimination in any form should not be tolerated.

    I myself have years of experience in Management and other relevant food knowledge. It is such a dismay that an innocuous physical attribute(as tribute to my heritage), would be the deciding factor. Especially when the female equivalent is perfectly accepted.

  • Ve
      23rd of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    The only thing I can say, these comments are very fair, and they all reflect the quality of treatment that Publix gives to its employees particularly at this moment where the economy is down. Finally, no one can imagine the kind of abuse and dishonest that an unlike Publix employee can receive from most of Publix managers when it is the time to get his or her “EVALUATION”. This is vey crucial Fox, and I am not making any story there is no need to. Employees do not evaluate base on their job performance but on how much you can tell on other employees, and how much you can let the store manager walk on you without say anything you will be find. I have been there Fox!!!

    To have a good evaluation at Publix you need to meet these criterions.

    -Be a good brown-nosing back-stabber for the store manager, and don’t worry about your immediate manager the store manager is the “Publix King”.

    - Forget about your life and your family

    -Always say yes.

    -Be a carpet, so manager can walk on you.

  • Ti
      1st of Aug, 2009
    +6 Votes

    Verite, what you say about Publix is generally the case throughout most of low-income retail jobs these days. These ever-more-stressful jobs bring out the worst in people- from the brown-nosers who slide right into asst. management because they have friends in the department, or the clueless manager who acts like a brat wielding authority. It's just part of the game now, and we all have to deal with it. It doesn't matter what background we have, or how intelligent we are. There are people with college degrees working at McDonalds these days. Yet, some people can simply "know somebody, " have terrible work ethic, and get just as many hours as hard working people do, or be promoted to management. The boss will say "be a team player" to everyone, and the hard-working ones will just have to pick up the slack these schmoozers leave behind them. This basic managerial social incompetence is everywhere you go in retail.

    What is most frustrating about retail is the compulsory internal company pretense of "merit-based" raises, promotions, and accolades. We who have worked such semi-tyrannical retail jobs know what the situation is really like. Merit has little if anything to do with it- favoritism is often how it goes. Or whoever happens to be on the clock most with the influential managers. Stagnant wages, complete obedience, and picking up other people's mess. That's what you get for being competent. More responsibility. Not more pay. It is so infuriating getting trouble with a different manager for doing exactly what you were told by your direct supervisor. It's all just a big ### show. And half the time you can't advocate for yourself, because the upper management will just think you're trying throw co-workers under a bus to make yourself look good.

    My advice is simple -- GET OUT OF RETAIL --- and don't look back. It is becoming terrible, abhorrent employment and it will ruin any compassionate soul who doesn't have the capacity to let everything slide.

  • Wh
      10th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    They dont give a crap about the workers all the damn managers do is goof off and eat pizza that lazy [censored] they call store manager sits on his # all day and does nothing, [censored] that b#$@% I told him we need a the bailor to be fixed 3 weeks ago! it finally broke and all that dick has been doing is complaining.

  • 11
      19th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I am an employee at Glen Lakes Publix, store #1198. My store manager is Lisa Williams.
    This morning I was taken to the Hospital because of her actions.

    I had taken over another employees shift for Friday, September 18, 2009. I am in college and had forgotten the date, as I was to take a test that afternoon that would run into the evening.
    I called my bakery asst.manager Rachel Foreman and told her I couldn’t go in and why she got upset and we hung up. Around 9am my phone rings and it’s Lisa Williams. She was very rude as she spoke and I explained I had asked for that Friday off as I had a test. I did say I would cover the shift for the other employee and yes. I should have thought about it instead of saying yes right away. I had totally forgot. Lisa asked me what’s going on and as I tried to explain she got louder so I also did as to talk so she could hear me. She didn’t once let me speak a full sentence and I ended up raising my voice as did she.. I was told that shift was My responsibility and I will suffer the consequences if I don’t show.. She told me she doesn’t care why I can’t come in.. I have never been in a store where I had so much confrontation and manager who decided u are at fault and won’t let you talk like this.. I would have thought when I explained my situation and that it was a forgetful mistake she may say”hey lets figure it out”, NOPE!! I understand it’s upsetting to call another store but it would have helped both situations.. She made such a big deal about it and I told her a few times to stop speaking to me the way she was.. I am a person and just because she is a manager where I happen to work does not give her a reason to disrespect me and talk at me and threaten me and my job and tell me I have to take it.

    The Thursday prior, September asst store bakery manager called me in for the next day..
    She called four times... I wasn’t happen about being harassed by Publix when I am off. There is no reason for her to have called more than once and left a mess and when I had time I would get back.
    The next morning I called and the first thing Rachel said was”hey, i called u yesterday”, and I said Yeah I know.. I also said I do not want you calling my cell anymore.. I told her I didn’t appreciate that she called as much as she did in one day... She told me to lose my attitude and hung up.

    I came to work today and around 9am was called into the Bakery Office with Lisa Williams as well as Rachel Foreman.

    I was told Lisa, Rachel and any manager has a right to call me as they feel needed when I am not working.. I said NO THEY DON’T!! She got right to my face and again got loud and told me I was disrespectful to her when she called my home as well as to Rachel when I asked her not to call me more than once.. FIRST:; NO ONE has the right to call me if I tell them not to and no one should call me at my home and talk down to me and tell me I have to take it because they are my managers.. That’s harassment all around. If Lisa gets a loud voice and is talking down to me I will as I did defend myself. I was told I was wrong all around and how my personnel folder shows I shouldn’t have a job.. I was also told if she called Mr Herring and told him how I talked back to Lisa and told Rachel about not calling me at home so much that he would say to fire me..
    Well, that comment makes it clear this letter will be laughed at seeing how Lisa is aware no one will believe a thing I am saying. She also told me if I raise my voice again as I was because she was interrupting me telling me I am wrong and don’t know what Im saying and would ask me to explain than talk loud over me so Yes, Iwasloud trying to speak over her rudeness. She said if I spoke loud again she would take it as I QUIT and I should go??? Are you serious!!! I didn’t say I was quitting or anything close so again that remark was uncalled for and unprofessional.
    She wouldn’t stop verbally attacking me to a point where I wasn’t allowed or have a chance to say anything because she made it clear I should be fired, , So I said what are you gonna fire me for right now I haven’t done anything but defend myself to how you are and Did speak to me. She said she will say its insubordination. She just said she’ll make up a reason and say I quit.. That”s not right.
    While this was going on I was breaking down hysterical it got to the point where I was hyperventilating. It was hard to catch a breathe.. I had my hand rubbing my left chest over heart and Lisa asked what was wrong. I said I am having a anxiety attack and she said well you need to calm down you are always so emotional.. Weather that be true or not I just told the woman I was having chest pains and she saw the way I was breathing.. I said usually it stops if I calm down. She asked if she could do anything and I said don’t thing so right now.. Than she kept going about how wrong I was and wouldn’t shut up.. I was having chest pain and trouble breathing and this woman kept aggravating me.. Than she left because my heart so fast she thought it be best.. I sat in the office for almost an hour with not one person coming back to see how I was.. I finally called her to where I was and said My chest pain and breathing are worsens she said she’ll call the Med Core Through Publix.. Than about fifteen minutes later Rachel come in and I told her I was waiting to talk to Med Core.. Well, about another half hour Lisa comes in and hasn’t even called.. So I say call them!!! Its been about two hours now since I said I couldn’t breathe and had chest pain... So I had to wait ti talk to this woman on the phone than finally Lisa called and I was taken to the hospital... This shouldnt’have gotten this far... She is responsible for my anxiety attack.. She should have stopped and calmed her self down as well as let me instead of verbally attacking to a point when I felt so upset I couldn’t breath. And she should have called 911 hours before she had.. I am so upset this has happened and the reaction time of me getting help is very unexcuseable.. Also, I have to go to work this weekend because if I don’t I get suspended even though this isn’t my fault of why I am out.

    This actions of this manager are very wrong and I don’t appreciate being told I am emotional and brought this upon myself.. She was talking at me, over me and I asked a few times to stop speaking to me the way she was. I was told often she has a right as I do not to defend myself to how I am being spoken to.
    She should have stopped herself from getting all excited and calmed her self down. I am not happy with this and I will take this further.

  • Ja
      25th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I hope anyone that posted that they work with publix placed a fake e mail address... your fired

  • Da
      4th of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    @jacki59 That is illegal. Companies cannot fire you for expressing your opinion, which is a legal right of the American people, according to the first amendment. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!

  • Ti
      25th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    See what retail has become in the USA? Wage workers have no rights, get treated like ###. It's despicable.

    Step 1: Know Your rights

    You are legally protected from working off the clock. Managers are not allowed to call you repeatedly about work related issues. If they do, it is to be brief, only as much as needed for scheduling. It is ILLEGAL for a workplace to call non-salary employees repeatedly. ILLEGAL. It qualifies as "working off the clock" and should not be tolerated. You have every right to object to it. If it is out of hand, you are protected by law for filing a complaint. DO IT!

    Health issues sustained from management bullying should not be tolerated, either. There are a lot of bully managers in the southern USA. Their conduct, if recorded or captured on video, can be used in personal lawsuits against the company. You should not have your health put at risk over such a low-paying job. You have every right to a safe, non-intimidating workplace.

    Consult a lawyer if what you say is true. Find out what your options. Record these egregious trespasses, if possible.

  • La
      11th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    To all of you disgruntled employees, if you want management to hear you, I invite you all to post at

    The only folks who post here are managers and retired manager types and I can say with authority, the MOFO's in Lakeland peek
    there very often.

    The Lapper, formerly of Publix #475

  • La
      11th of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    This typical Publix

  • La
      11th of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Publix Employee Says He Was Attacked By Manager

    [Click to zoom.] Click to enlarge
    1 of 1
    The surveillance video shows the employee (Rouchon) approaching the manager and the manager throwing a cart at him.
    delayed by a customer. He says general manager Curt Leonor lost his temper.

    "When I looked I saw blood, and I said oh no, " said Rouchon. "He left, went back up front, and I said Curt look what you did to me. And he said, he looked and said, 'That's crap. That's nothing.'"

    Things got worse for Rouchon when Publix allegedly appeared to cover up for the manager. In a workman's comp report filed by Publix, they called the incident an accident, in which "cases from a loaded float cart fell over and hit left leg." The video clearly shows that's not what happened.

    "There is a cover-up here, " said attorney Jason St. Fleur. "There is a cover-up to keep the man that brings in the business for them."

    When attorney Jason St. Fleur got involved, Publix didn't fire the general manager. Instead they moved him to a store on Miami Beach—
    all the while Rouchon says they tried to bribe him.

    "[They said] I'm going to take care of you, " said Rouchon. "I'm going to promote you."

    St. Fleur believes Publix is protecting the general manager because of his ability to run million dollar stores. He wonders if this had been the other way around—Rouchon throwing the cart--would he still have his job.

    The general manager is being charged with culpable negligence.

    Publix is not commenting on the case.

  • Pa
      22nd of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Im amazed at how bad employees are being treated by managers. Its crazy. I also cant believe for one minute that HR or corporate do not know about it. I have been screamed at by a manager after i called him to the front on the customers behalf.I have sat back and watched a store manager tell employees (including myself) personal information about other managers that were discussed only with HR. (we have no business knowing) I watch as managers and employees clock each other in, change there times so they are not late. I have seen my managers lie, cheat and backstab each other. I watched a fairly new employee get treated badly, all the managers covered each others back. She then asked the DM how to get a transfer. He went to the Manager and his exact words were ( why is she coming to me...fix it) My store manager did, he/she transfered her and talked to the other store manager and they made her life miserable until she had no choice but to quit. I saw it happen . I have 7 people in my dept. with the exception of a nasty, miserable little brown nosing piece of crap the other 5 are looking for other jobs. its sad because im watching wonderful people walk out the door and only 2 of us are staying. I dont care and im just their for a pay check and and a poor excuse for a human being is what publix has . The valuable sweet kind nice warm people are leaving. George Jenkins is rolling over in his grave.

  • Ti
      22nd of Dec, 2009
    +3 Votes

    You seem to be under the illusion of the usual retail rhetoric- the assumption that retail is some sort of meritocracy. It is not. I myself have been basic store and department management in the past. I have been offered corporate high salary retail jobs. I have worked as a clerk, even recently working below my pay grade to temper the stress level.

    All the while, I have watched incompetent people get promoted regularly for one reason or another. I have witnessed bosses who hire their friends and relations directly into upper management. I have seen marketing directors who don't seem to know a thing about graphic image contrast or even basic coupon / sale newsletter coherence get the job by brandishing a "degree" in the subject. When a routine 17 year old tech nerd could do a better job.

    Retail is much more of a ### show than most people seem to realize. And so I recommend that if a meritocracy is what you want, you have to choose very wisely. It would be best to avoid retail completely if possible. And don't have illusions about yourself and your job capacities either. Either you can do the job or you cant. A lot of the time, though, it's just the stress that ruins you.

  • Ju
      2nd of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Something happened when I was at 1188 that has bothered me for a long time. It is one of the most serious breaches of ethics I have ever seen at publix. I don’t think making a complaint through internal channels would be smart so I am posting it here.

    Around the end of September or early October in 2009 an associate back in produce was cutting fruit without a cutting glove and sliced open a fingertip. The assistant produce manager (JD) is extremely paranoid about getting into trouble and wanted to cover up the incident rather file an accident report.
    He is close with the meat manager (KH), and on the advice of KH he prepared a counseling statement for the associate for not using a cutting glove, but with no mention of the accident. The two intimidated the associate to sign it, saying “Its just a piece of paper.” JD was then in a position to claim the associate had been counseled before the accident if it became known to higher ups or in there were medical complications.

    The associate may have entered the back room right after the accident to go to the restroom or the first aid station next to the restroom doors. Archived footage of the security camera in the back room may provide some support for this story.

  • Ti
      15th of Feb, 2010
    +2 Votes

    # this is only becoming more routine these days... "just the way it is"... because people are unable to step forward for fear of losing their job. all the while, benefits are cut, raises are less frequent, and hours are sparing (legal loopholes if they keep a robust staff of "part-timers"). retail is becoming flat-out terrible sub-human employment.

    Don't get too caught up in your personal pride concerning your job record or reputation. it doesn't matter much anymore. don't let the rich-people rhetoric get to you that "you should be thankful for your job" or that "there's a line of people who would take it" if you quite. that's the rhetoric of the wealthy. we know how publix likes to boast about being "union-free" and all that. but would someone remind us again why exactly worker's unions are a bad idea? especially in the downward spiral retail has taken these last 5 years?

    Do some thinking. do some planning. get the helll out of retail - it will eventually kill you with stress and other people's problems.

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