Publix / bad service, bad acts toward workers

South Florida, FL, United States

After having stopped into a Publix location to pick up subs, been waiting in line for 25 minutes. My wife and I were pretty upset about this. Also having seen crazy things happen as customers..We phoned Customer service in Lakeland about this deli and explained what had happen, seeing one of the workers placing a chicken tray in the hot table with no gloves on, having one person making subs who was not happy, on a dirty white counter, could over hear her telling everyone in line sorry for the wait, also seeing deli mgr yelling at one of her co workers about a order then walked to back of deli. With long lines and just a couple of workers on a weekend didn't seem kosher to us. We had a chance to speak to deli mgr who had been with publix for many years, after being really rude with us, we left the cart and walked out. So lady over the phone was really nice, and told us she would contact the DM. This is not the first time we have witness this, after being with publix, and now to stop shopping with publix..Clearly publix shows its customers how nasty they have been with there co workers and with customers..

Feb 14, 2014

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