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Hello- this complaint is directed towards the people who run your minute mania games and particularly the Mahjongg minute game. I have been playing your games for almost two years now and during that time i have won the mahjongg game five time and received my price money, however i should have won at least 15 more times only to find that at the last minute a completely fake score has been inserted, i have done the math of all possible scores and some of the scores i have seen on the game are so bluntly fake its infuriating, for example 3 weeks ago during the tournament i had the lead score up until 11pm only to lose it to a score of 39, 021 which is impossible to get since passed 35, 000 all score must end in 0 or five and that has happened a number of times, i put a lot of time in participating in your sweepstakes, different searches etc and i just wish that the games will be played fairly and if i have the highest score i will get rewarded and not cheated. also the last five days i am not able to play the game after 8am because for some reason you black out the game and i'm unable to get it on my phone so please address this issue as well, i'm not looking to get anything that i haven't earned, i spent many hours playing your games and its beyond frustrating to not be rewarded for my time, if you have any questions i will love to tell you in person what i mean when i say that i know the math for the game inside and out, i receive about 10-15 emails from you every day and i never complained about that so please treat your loyal base in a fairly matter.
Thank you
Erez Melamed

Nov 15, 2017
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      Jun 30, 2018

    Advertised price of merchandise example: 4 payments of $2.99 (which would equal close to $12.00) Not true after they add shipping cost which is pricey. Why bother to advertise this price when it is not correct. I ordered a lot of items in a one month period and My final cost was almost doubled. 4 payments of $4.75 is more like it. This is FRAUD in the most in-your-face way and I fell for it hook, line, and sinker!

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