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This company is an exam contractor for many states. I dealt with them to complete my written exam for CNA certification in NJ. My practical exam was completed in November, through a different organization. PSI took until the end of June to correct problems with their system, which prevented it from recognizing my practical test results, thereby disallowing me to schedule a date for the written exam.

Their customer service department was very reluctant to allow me to speak to anyone above the level of regular customer service reps, and te many emails the reps sent requesting I be contacted by a supervisor/maager were largely ignored.

I did finally speak to a manager ONCE in January, who assured me the problem would be resolved, at which time he would call me back, and he provided his direct phone number. No callback. The problem was not resolved. I left multiple follow-up messages for this manager, and still never heard back from him.

It was not until the end of June, that I was FINALLY able to schedule a date for the written exam, which was in early July. OVER SEVEN MONTHS AFTER I SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO TEST OUT!

In the mean time, my background check through the state had expired, and needed to be renewed, delaying my final licensing by approximately another 2 weeks.

All of this was after paying approximately $1, 100 for the required classroom and clinical training required for this certification!

In short, PSI Exams is a disaster, and one which fails to even acknowledge that these professional licenses, which require candidates to complete their exams, are vital to people being able to support themselves and to move forward with their lives.

Be fore-warned, and good luck if you have to deal with this company, as their are generally no other options by which you can avoid them.

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  • Nd
      Feb 23, 2012

    I agree. For real estate, the testing is changing to another testing company and PSI isn't making it easy for you take the tests prior to the last day that they are giving the test. I am having to drive out of the way because the nearest location isn't available and gas is not cheap.

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  • Fr
      Jan 22, 2013

    I have take the required courses and passed them all with high scores to lead me to the process of testing and obtaining my real estate license. The facility the TREC has an arrangement with to take the test is one of the most unorganized and frustrating locations. PSI Exam center in East Houston located at 11811 I-10 East Fwy
    Suite 260 Houston, Texas 77029. This facility is horrible. It smells like body oder, every chair squeaks loudly and is very disruptive, the workers there are very vague and cold towards you and when I have finished the test the never go over any of the scoring. Therefore I am walking out with two "FAILS" and clueless as to where I need to work on my studies. Instead I'm to understand that out of 6 questions I got 5 correct and out of 10 questions I got 5 correct. When I tried to ask they just pointed to their 1-800 # on the paper and said I'd have to retake. ?! I am so frustrated. I went online to their website to PURCHASE a practice mock exam for $21 that provided an exam with just 30 questions mixed up with questions from the national and State portion of the exams that were way easier than the test questions. After you are done and scored there is no way to retake similar test again for practice. You must pay again! And even doing that the practice exam is exactly the same as the other $21 mock exam they sell. So there, I'm out $42, plus 3 attempts at the realtors exam at $61 each time, failing each time, squeaky chairs and foul smells included. I'm a stay at home mom trying to struggle with obtain my license to help contribute to my household as well as work in Real Estate to further my career plans of helping others. Instead I've put $1060.00 toward my education requirements at champions School of Real Estate, plus gas and mileage just to get to a testing facility that seems would be a labor ready facility with no chance of passing. I've spent $285 dollars at PSI and feel that if I am going to be spending as much money as I have I shouldn't feel the place I am testing at is a gimmick and fraud. Why are we not allowed to look at what questions we missed? I asked if they could show me on paper the score of my incorrect questions and not a percentage of each category, they refused to do so saying they do not have the ability to do so. ?? This is starting to seem very shady and like a money making scheme.
    What I would like to know, is are there any other testing facilities, not PSI, that I can go to and take my exam? This is becoming very discouraging when my heart is set on becoming a Texas Real Estate broker.
    I have spoken to numerous students, realtor candidates and realtors that have said they had to retake the test from 4 to 8 times.
    There has to be a better way of doing this.
    The school I went to provides free mock exams as part of the class package. I have taken the prep course as well as the prep exam 3 times and have gone in to PSI fully confident and ready to go. Then I end the exam with a FAIL a d a rude kick out the door!

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  • Ps
      Feb 19, 2014

    I am trying to get my Property Management license, signed up for online school doing my 60 hours taking their final exam and getting a 98% so drove an hour away to take the PSI test. But first I have to say I tried to see if there were any books or test that PSI had available for Property Management and NO is the answer not one test not one book. Every other profession has that available but not PM. So back to now taking my test, my first two questions were so way off base I thought I was taking the wrong test.

    The entire test had questions with more than one answer that was correct but you could only pick one, so which one do they want to get it correct? I knew when I finished I didn't pass and sure enough I didn't. So back to studying, and study some more.

    Back to take the test at 75.00 (again) and this time I really felt good about the test but failed. I asked if I could see my test I wanted to see which ones I got wrong to study up on them but no you can't do that. I sent an email to the Agency and their respond to seeing the test was "were not in the business of teaching". What the H--- kind of answer is that.

    There was a lady there that said she had a practice test for Property Management that her company gave her and she emailed it to me there were 200 good questions but only a few on my 3rd try. Plus there were questions pertaining to real estate agents like if their license laps what do they need to do to re-instate there were at least 20% pertaining to agents and not property managers.

    So I asked the person in charge of testing if me taking this 3 times and failing was not normal and she said not at all the highest score was 80% when 75% is passing. Doesn't that prove that the test is terrible I really think they just want the money, I'm retired and don't have 75.00 to dish out every time I take this test plus the hour drive and gas. Something needs to be done about PSI testing.

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  • Se
      Jul 15, 2015

    It's like the DMV, only worse. My company and I am in the process of trying to contact someone above the customer service and supervisor reps. If anyone is able to help with such contact I'd be most appreciative.

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  • Re
      Jan 11, 2016

    PSI are the worst people on earth to deal with. I have dealt with this company for almost a year now because they are so incredibly unorganized. One person tells me to do one thing, and then the next something completely different. This place should be shut down and not even exist anymore. THE PEOPLE ARE OF NO HELP and they made my life hell.

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  • Kj
      Mar 22, 2016

    I wanted to reschedule my exam - i had a family emergency - all i needed was to push the test back to the afternoon. there was no customer service - she said sure you can I would just have to pay for another exam. I said excuse me? and the representative said as happy as can be - yes you for fitted being able to reschedule - it is too late. They have a monopoly so they don't care about serving the customer. this is why you DONT give any one entity too much control.

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