PSEG / overcharge

Bohemia, NY, United States

My property was in disuse and boarded since last june. Pseg sent estimated bills overcharging me by several hundred dollars. After performing an actual check. They claimed to be rectifying the matter by deducting the oveerage from my subsequent bills. I had been charged for a 3700kw meter reading on the estimated bills and while the accummulation of actual use according to the readings did not reach that level until april of this year they are claiming charges associated with this use. (Charging twice for the same electricity) to add to the questionability of the matter, my usage according to the smart meter which was installed, without informing me, in january was over 500 kw through april when the only electric usage was two light bulbs on a timer. This sounds rather excessive. I paid the bill on threat of termination of my service.

May 30, 2015

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