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Progressive Insurance / claims adjuster

1 MO, United States Review updated:

I set up a time for a claims adjuster to come to my home and appraise the hail damage to my car. The time was set for sometime between 9 am and 2 pm (wow, i wonder what MY clients would say if i scheduled a meeting for somtime within a 5 hour window!!! WTF?)

I waited around all day until 2:18 pm and decided to give Progressive Insurance a call to see where the adjuster was. The adjuster called me back shortly and informed me that I was not even on her calendar for today and asked me if I would be available tomorrow?!?!?!??!??!? Holy WT[censored]

I was called back by the adjuster's manager who became irate with me asking me if I had a problem or something since I was a little snippy and rude on the call. I then had to give this bozo directions to my house since it would be too much trouble for him to prepare for his appointment, it was obvious that in his mind this was MY fault and had nothing to do with Progressive's ineptitude. I'm pissed, can you tell?

How can we get the service back into customer service? This nonchalant, cavalier attitude is EVERYTHING that's wrong with this country...and it's only getting worse.

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      20th of May, 2009
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    I'm not saying this is everybody, but here is the main reason that customer service sucks now.
    CUSTOMERS ARE ###S!!! When customer service was actually good, people in general were actually good to eachother and treated eachother with dignity and respect, that is not the way it is anymore at all. A LOT of people feel that if they are the customer then the people helping them should, parden my french, hold their hand while they are peeing and wipe thier ### too.
    SO serriously, if we as consumers want our customer service representives to care about their jobs again, then we should care about them. Let Other customers that you see mistreating these service people know that its not cool to be an ###! If we dont call rude people on their behavior when they are mistreating customer service reps, waitresses, cashiers, ect. Then they will continue to do it and we will continue to get that poor worn down person who has just had enough and doesnt really care anymore.
    Like I said I am not saying everyone is rude, but there are a lot of peole out there who are and I am sure you have seen them. Have you ever thought of telling them how uncalled for their behavior is? Everything that is wrong with this country is the way that people treat eachother, and people in the customer service industries are abused the most by the customers, because customers feel that they are entitled to do this. AND HELL YEAH ITS JUST GOING TO GET WORSE, unless we as a nation do something about it. When you see someone bulling another person around, say something, dont just stand back and wait your turn. If you want things to change START IT WITH YOURSELF. IF YOU ARENT WILLING TO DO THIS THEN DONT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE SERVICE YOU ARE GETTING BECAUSE YOU ARE ADDING TO THE CYCLE BY LETTING IT HAPPEN.

  • Ve
      20th of May, 2009
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    good points, some...not all.

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      21st of May, 2009
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    Progressive sent an adjuster that was totally professional. Mutual respect is a good both ways.

  • Cr
      17th of Jun, 2009
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    If you take the time to actually think about it. The adjuster giving you a 5 hr window is better than the adjuster telling you that she will be there at noon and not arriving until 2pm. Did you ever think that your vehicle is not the only vehicle that needed to be estimated. The chances of a hail storm coming through your area and your vehicle being the only one with damage is highly unlikely. Let's come up with a little scenario. What if she gave you a noon appointment but had 5 other vehicles to inspect before your appointment? What if, during her 2nd appointment, the owner of that vehicle is running late and the adjuster has to wait for them to show up making all of her subsequent appoints fall behind schedule? So, instead of you whining about being given a 5 hr window, she has 4 customers mad at her because she was late to every appoint afterwards. Actually, I would be happy to even have a manager return my call because most other insurance companies don't even do that. Sounds like there was a little bit of miscommunication that occurred when she didn't have you on her schedule. And, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but things happen.

  • Du
      11th of Aug, 2009
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    Listen, I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong but people should be accountable for their OWN actions!! If you have an appontment, you should show up ON TIME! There should be not excuses, if you're late, you should have to reschedule. Make a time and give a 15 minute window. You honestly can't expect to disrupt someones life for 5 hrs! Make an appointment! Be there! if they are not there, they failed to plan! (this is on them) reschedule, I'll bet they are there next time ontime! You have a job to do as an adjuster! (be there for your client!) likewise, if the clients decides you are not as important as they are, or fails to plan, that says there is no mutual respect. (Shame on them) The Golden Rule, The Golden Rule, for the Love of Pete! ... Let's get back to the Golden Rule!

  • Pr
      7th of Jul, 2011
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    I have a policy through your company and got hit by a car who ran a stop sign on Tuesday morning in a parking garage. I am completely dissatisfied with how you have handled my claim. I am a single mother of two kids, have now had to pay $600 for a rental car because you have not "completed your investigation". The other guy has 10 days to give you a statement, but I am your customer, I pay you every month for coverage, and what am I supposed to do for at least 10 days? I will make sure I am switch companies when my policy is up, I am calling my local news station to make people in my area aware of your practices, and I am also going to let everyone on Facebook know as well. You want your money paid for my premium every month but yet you do not take care of your customers

  • Fr
      3rd of Oct, 2014
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    I spoke with adjuster Terry (3022573408) in DE. He is one of the worst company representative i ever dealt with. He is rude and blunt.My car will be repaired and will be in garage for 25 days and I have shell out $750. My car was hit by progressive insurer. I found Terry racist.. Teh moment he knew I was not american he was rude.

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