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never use them

My car was hit while parked in front of my residence in June of 2010.. I called the police and filed a report and the officer even spoke to a witness.. I called and placed a claim through progressive, and a month later was contacted by them again telling me the evidence shows she did in fact hit my car.. and they were going to cover the repairs (my airbag light was coming on and off.. and wasn't before she backed into my car so hard, it was still rocking back and forth when the girl got to the end of my street according to the witness..) so they had me find the nearest chevy dealership, made the appointment for me to drop it off, and even reserved a rental car. i brought the car in, picked up the rental.. and 10 days later was called at work and told they decided they couldn't link the airbag light being on to the accident and weren't going to cover the repairs.. at this point i went to the dealership to pick up my car already upset, and was informed i would have to pay 108.12$ to take my car back for diagnostic. How is it right to be able to have someone bring their vehicle in for repairs, keep the vehicle for 10 days, then decide to deny the claim? is that backwards or is there something wrong with ME? i find this ridiculous as hell and am NOT AT ALL satisfied with the service i received through progressive. they were very rude, and the report i was given after picking up my car from the dealership stated ''VERIFIED SHOWING INVALID SERIAL DATA WHICH COULD HAVE BEEN CAUSED FROM IMPACT TO VEHICLE EVEN IF VEHICLE WAS NOT RUNNING" response to this is, are you kidding me? i plan on filing a complaint and/or lawsuit because i do not see any justification for their thoughtless actions.

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    adjuster Oct 20, 2010

    I am trying to compile a list of Known Progressive Insurance adjusters. If you can email me at [email protected] I would appreciate it. This will be for a database of problem adjusters. Please include the name, phone number and possible email address of any contacts you have with progressive. Thank you.

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inappropriate claim handling

Progressive’s insured client made a left turn across my vehicle’s path at an intersection. My vehicle was subsequently determined to be totaled. The police report found Progressive’s client responsible.

I have a number of complaints regarding the methods employed and handling of this case by Progressive:

1) Although the police report placed full responsibility for the accident on their client, Progressive took the tact of suggesting that we might be “partially at fault.” They hinted that they were investigating a witness to the accident. In my opinion this was intended to test the waters to see how easily I might be manipulated, hoping to reduce the amount of compensation they might eventually pay out. It is very upsetting to have family members in an accident in the first place, but to have an outside party play these types of emotional chess games for the sole purpose of lessening their payout is deplorable. I had to consult with an attorney and spend time writing several letters before Progressive finally admitted that they had 100% liability. I should not have had to do this and feel empathetic for others who, I am sure have to endure similar tactics.

2) Another deceptive practice is being used by Progressive staff members. They explained that I would be compensated for the value of my vehicle based on its N.A.D.A. Blue Book retail price. That seemed logical, fair and reasonable to me. They added that there would be an adjustment to that figure for is “local market value.” Hearing this, I will admit that I wondered to myself if this adjustment might not be a little in my favor since the local market value of my all-wheel drive vehicle would certainly be higher in the northeast than in many other parts of the country where snow is less common.
A Valuation Report was transmitted to me by Progressive. I will use the base numbers provided to me for simplicity of discussion. Progressive’s Valuation Report showed the N.A.D.A. Blue Book value of my car to be $4, 150. To my dismay however, the report placed a “local market value” of $2135 on the car with small adjustments for extra equipment; I cannot replace my vehicle for $2135. For my final compensation Progressive apparently decided (arbitrarily) that it was appropriate to weight these numbers equally (averaging them.) I had the following exchanges with Progressive staff:
• I asked how this seemingly arbitrary number was arrived at and got the answer “That’s the way we do it.”
• I questioned the validity of the number and its relationship to reality and got, “We ran the computer program again and got the same number, therefore it is accurate.”
• I questioned their method and got, “Our methods are consistent with Connecticut Insurance Department standards.”
I strongly disagree with these methods and Progressive’s evasive “answers” to reasonable questions.

I found it necessary to take the time to research the retail price of similar vehicles in the local market and obtained a letter from a local car dealer stating that the value of my specific vehicle was actually between $5495 and $5995 (letter attached). This information was submitted to Progressive and has been chosen to be ignored.

3) Several days after Progressive staff members had explained to me that there could be no adjustments to the compensation, I received a phone call from them.
A staff member explained that they had not originally included certain additive adjustments, in the compensation. With these adjustments, they could get me closer to the final value that the N.A.D.A Blue Book value would yield. Although I was glad that that their hard position appeared to have softened. I was dismayed that these adjustments had not been suggested previously.

4) Most recently, Progressive has not returned my phone calls, responded to emails or requests for information. They have my vehicle and money I am due for compensation. They appear to be taking no steps to resolve my case. It seems that if I don’t agree, I get nothing at all.

The tactics employed on me involving this claim are very likely being employed on other citizens (for greater sums) who are less able to fight for themselves. It is wrong to have people being taken advantage of by scare tactics, arbitrary and unsubstantiated numbers, withholding of information, and finally being ignored.

I think that I have been reasonable. I would have gladly accepted the published N.A.D.A. retail value for my vehicle, (although I have proof that my car was worth more than that figure.) As a conscientious engineer, I have great difficulty accepting arbitrary numbers, whose basis can not be explained.

I have just submitted a compliant to the State Insurance Department. Hope that helps. Anyone have any other ideas?

David W. Harms

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    adjuster Oct 20, 2010

    I am trying to compile a list of Known Progressive Insurance adjusters. If you can email me at [email protected] I would appreciate it. This will be for a database of adjusters. Please include the name, phone number and possible email address of any contacts you have with progressive. Thank you.

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waste of time

Used Progressive web site to get a auto insurance quote for me and for my daughter. Entered all requested details - names, addresses, Date of birth, social security numbers, drivers licenses and history as requested. Requested quoter comparison. The initial quote was only $99 per month (liability only). After coverage update (added comprehensive, collision and rental) the quote was $207. Received an email confirmation for that price. At the requested additional info for the accident (already entered) provided details for the accident - not at fault.

After this the quote price increased to $671. Called Progressive to question. The phone representative tried to convince me the initial quote was only for me and it did not include my daughter. This was not true - I have printed summary and email where this was clearly stated. She put me on hold for 20 minutes to talk with her supervisor. After she returned she simply said the new quote is the correct one without an explanation about the initial quote. I feel that my privacy have been violated and my time wasted. I will not recommend Progressive as fair auto insurance provider.

treating employees wrong

Does this company have any common sense?
Can anyone out there help me?

Statement of events

On may 7th, 2009 I went to work as usual and while entering the building struck my right elbow on what I thought was the door. there was that instance of pain and that horrible feeling when you hit your funny bone. I continued to my desk, laid down my purse and other bags and sat down to start up my computer. moments later I noticed a blood smear on the desk top and took out my mirror to see my elbow. there was a small laceration, not requiring stitches, so I wiped it off, put on a band aid and proceeded to start the day. the pain subsided, but shortly after numbness and tingling was shooting from my elbow to my finger tips and this is when I thought maybe I had fractured a bone in my elbow. I had never had an on the job injury before and wasn’t sure on what to do. my immediate supervisor was not in yet, there were no other supervisors available on my floor. I asked a lady who used to be a supervisor what I should do, and she advised I speak to the next level supervisor, which I did. she gave me the number to call workers compensation and I was instructed to go see a doctor immediately and have my arm looked at. the doctor checked out my elbow, took x-rays, which luckily did not show any fractures and explained that I pinched the ulner nerve and it may take some time to heal. he advised if symptoms persist or get worse to come back. I went back to work right after.
On 5/11/2009, I called the gentleman from workers comp again and told him the symptoms were not any better and there was numbness in 2 of my fingers. he again sent me directly to the same doctor, who did not do any more x-rays, but recommended light duty at work and taking advil. my job really had no light duty, so I just continued working. he also advised I wait 2-3 weeks to see if symptoms persist and to come back if they get worse. I did not miss any further work other than seeing the doctor twice when I was told to do so.
May 19th I was asked to come into the human resources office for some follow up questions and was taken into a room with my supervisor to view video footage of the day I was injured. after several minutes of looking at another woman on the video that was not me, I was eventually shown entering the building. i, personally, can not verify that the tape they showed me was actually the morning of may 7th. I was standing about 6 feet away and I didn’t notice a date clearly showing. I was shown on the monitor entering the building and it appeared that the door did not hit my arm. it is a possibility that the id badge box was what I hit with my elbow, even the security chief stated that while viewing it. the cameras do not show after entering the building, if I hit the wall with my elbow as I turned to go to my desk. I could not explain why the video didn’t show the door hitting my arm, but I would have passed a polygraph test on the spot if I had been given my mind at the time, I associated the injury with the door. these security doors are made of metal and glass, they are extremely heavy and if the wind is blowing on them, even heavier. i, and i’m sure many others have had issues with the doors in the past. they agree it’s possible that I made a mistake on what I actually hit my arm on, but it had to be right before I sat down at my desk or it would not have still been bleeding.

There was absolutely no reason for me to lie or make it all up. I had personal health insurance, the best coverage pgr offered. I loved my job and worked extremely hard at it. I had just moved in march 2009 to be closer to prg because I had decided that was the company I would retire from in 20 years. I had to study for months and it took 3 tries before I passed the florida insurance exam. the last exam I had to pay for myself. during my tenure I was awarded rising star, top dog legend, 1st place for renewal retention, 2nd place for road to service, 1st place for renewing their commitment, 8 – net promotor scores of 5 out of 5. my team won a poster contest from an idea I designed. I completed every personal smart goal in a timely manner, my phone stats were excellent, my attendance was above average. on a monthly basis I spent anywhere from $30 - $50.00 of my won money on team area decorations for holidays, birthdays, special occasions, plates, utensils, cups etc for team food days. I helped to organize our monthly food days. I always arrived 15-45 minutes early for the 2 ½ years I was there, I was not late once. I got along with everyone from supervisors down to co-workers. I took 60-80 incoming calls a day where most reps take 30-40 calls per day. I am an honest, hard working, team player that would not have risked losing my job over a whack on the funny bone. everyone that works for pgr knows there are cameras all over inside and outside the buildings, so why in the world would I make such a statement if I didn’t honestly believe it to be true?

The accusations of misconduct and falsifying records with the goal of misappropriating company property are ludicrous. there is no evidence to show willful and wanton disregard or malicious intent against pgr. i’ve never been fired from a job in my life and i’ve been working for 30 years. i’m the kind of person companies want to keep, the honest, hard workers that don’t steal office supplies or call out sick every other day, or come to work hung over and smelling of alcohol.
My husband was diagnosed with thyriod cancer last year and needed surgery and followup care. during all that was going on with him, I still only missed 2 days of work after applying for fmla. if that doesn’t show dedication, I don’t know what does.

paid insurance policy

I have a insurance policy through Progressive Life Insurance but I can't find them anywhere. My insurance policy has been paid up for over twenty years. I need to locate them. Can anyone help?

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    jay robe Jul 13, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Have paid up policy with progressive life insurance company for over 20 years. Can't find the company anywhere. Is is going by another name.

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  • Je
    Jessica Wallace Sep 03, 2009

    Call your state's department of insurance. They can give you the company's contact information. If the company has sold, the department of insurance can tell you who the company was sold to and give you their contact information.

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refusal pay for damages and cover rental van after admitting responsibility

The driver who has progressive insurance hit 3 vehicles, an ambulette and 2 pillars on the building. They...

claims adjuster

I set up a time for a claims adjuster to come to my home and appraise the hail damage to my car. The time wa...


I just wanted to let you know that the spokeswoman you have on your commercials is so disgusting to look at...

awful company

My vehicle was involved in an accident over 5 months ago. I took my vehicle to the collision shop for repairs. The work was not done. A check was sent to the collision shop. I was to sign the back of the check and endorse it to the collision shop. I was not made aware of this by either the collision shop or Progressive. My name was miss spelled on the claim and on the check that was sent. The collision shop forged my name in order to cash it.

The work was not done and I was told to come pick my truck up or they were going to sell it. I went back to Progressive who told me to fill out a fraud form because I did not sign the check. I was told it would take no more then 8 week to get the money back. It has now been 5 months and Progressive is telling me to wait longer. I have called them several time during the waiting period and they only do something on my file when I call. I paid for this insurance company to protect me and my interest and repair my vehicle. I feel like I am fighting two companies. Progressive and the Collision shop trying to get the work that was promised to be done.

At the end of the day. The Collision Shop commits fraud and Progressive does not care about there customers. But let us not up hold our part of the contract. They will cancel our policy.

  • Ho
    Holly May 06, 2009

    I had the same exact thing happen to me with Progressive Auto Insurance Co. I had hail damage & after using Progressive's recommended body shop there was more damage to my vehicle than there was hail damage. Someone repairing my vehicle must have had a tool belt with had tools scratching my vehicle up worse than I could imagine. We need to team together & start a class action suit. I have pics as proof! Please email me @ [email protected]

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    adjuster Oct 20, 2010

    I am trying to compile a list of Known Progressive Insurance adjusters. If you can email me at [email protected] I would appreciate it. This will be for a database of problem adjusters. Please include the name, phone number and possible email address of any contacts you have with progressive. Thank you.

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  • Sp
    spaleta May 25, 2011

    Progressive sucks. Big commercial with lots of overhead but no coverage. What a rip off

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  • Sp
    spaleta May 25, 2011

    And also they are very slow processing claims. I wouldn't stay with them if it was for free !

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terrible experience

I, was involved in an auto accident 11/22/2006 I was In the process of leaving a gas station I was stopped & the other vehicle turned in front of me striking my front bumper, the police where called to the scene.

When, the police got to the scene the other driver immediately started to accuse me of hitting him first that he was already turned into the gas station & I hit him on purpose I did not even see him, well the other driver had no insurance he got two tickets one for no insurance & he switched car tags that wasn't even his, I already knew the other driver was going to accuse me of hitting him which is what they all do out on the roads!.

I, was stopped I told the police & I told the adjuster from progressive that I was stopped but the police did not put it in the report!, that I was stopped I did not hit him like how he claimed I was stopped & he lied to the police & lied to progressive!. I, took pictures @ the scene & progressive said that they would hold of on making a decision until they look @ the pictures well progressive said I was @ fault & sent the other driver $900 for the damage done to his vehicle!, I should have accepted this from progressive sense they did not fully investigate the accident!.

I, am the process of taking progressive to court because they said I was the cause of the accident I was stopped & the other driver said I pulled out in front of him & progressive believed his lies!, I have to pay $500 out of pocket before christmas! I guess this is progressive way of telling you merry christmas!, & the other guy told progressive he was not even going to fix his vehicle! with the money well progressive said when they get all the facts they will go after him for that money, well progressive should not have gave him that money because they did not fully investigate the accident & immediately put me @ fault of the accident!.

I, believe this guy is going around doing this hitting people knowing he does not have insurance & collection their insurance money!, this is fraud! this happens everywhere these drivers causing fraud hitting people & then collecting their insurance money! I am furious I am tired of being lied about from these crazy drivers! & then they have the nerve to accuse me of the accident, which is how they do everybody they cannot take responsibility for their own actions!. This, man lied to the police & he lied to progressive & progressive believed him causing me all this mess! I have sent progressive the pictures!, & then I will take them to court for falsely accusing me of causing the accident!.

I, will also make a formal complaint against the police officer who wrote the report for making it look like I caused the accident!, you cannot driver anywhere these days without people hitting your vehicle & blaming you for the accident & lying they cannot take responsibility for their own actions.

Also, if this man had no insurance he should not have been driving if he had not been driving this accident, would not have even happen! & know he gots $900!. This, man should not have been driving with no insurance & switched tags! & he gets away with causing this accident & progressive blames me for the accident, which I will send in the pictures to progressive!.

  • Do
    DonnaCo Feb 19, 2009

    progressive seems to side with the person that isn't their insured. What ###s

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  • De
    Debbie May 13, 2009

    My complaint is recent. Accident 3/30/09. Single vehicle accident. Front axle of my truck broke, causing the vehicle to crash. There was no where to stop on the street I was on, and I did not know that anything had broke. My truck was custom, and had been that way since insured with Progressive. Value approx 12k. Progressive uses Auto Source to value vehicles. What a Joke. The long and short of it is, I would never have sold my truck, I provided documentation for the upgrades that were on the truck to start with. I offered for them to view the vehicle prior to insuring and was assured that was not necessary. Now they want to give me 3400 for my truck. They use comps that are not even close, and then treat you like a criminal when you question them. I had to hire an appraiser, who appraised the truck at 10, 700 with upgrades. It has now been 45 days, no response from Progressive. My son who was driving is ok, but he could have been killed in this accident. Never let the insurance company move your truck to a storage facility that does not charge storage. You lose your leverage. We use the vehicle to tow a race trailer and participate in charity events for children that are terminally ill. To add insult to injury, the policy renews and they help themselves to the premium for the vehicle that is a total loss. Stay away from Progressive. They spend more money on advertising than they do taking care of their insureds.

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  • Ju
    Just say NEIN Aug 16, 2010

    PGR ues NADA for total loss values.

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  • Wo
    Wounded Insured Apr 03, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Contact the Federal trade Commission, file a complaint and they'll act on our behalf. Progressive illegally sold my vehicle. I already filed a complaint. They don't act on individual complaint, but when enough of us contacts them and file, it'll get the legal action against them moving and they'll conduct a full investigation. or call 877-382-4357.

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late payment

Okay, so my car insurance payment was supposed to be postmarked by August 8th and it was late by one day. So they canceled my policy. My question is: Since I was canceled right away and didn't have the insurance for that month, which is what the money I paid them was for, shouldn't I get my money back?

  • Da
    David Oct 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    "Thanks for the providing good information - this is really helpful for car insurance.I found another good one that helped me find an incredible rate

    they give you the best rates from lots of local providers"

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  • Du
    DustinJones Feb 03, 2010

    I was recently late on my payment to Progressive and was a little scared about calling them up after they dropped me. I was several days late and past being dropped but I called them up to see if I could make payment and keep my current policy active. I was surprised when I was able to talk them into getting $18 off my bill. I wrote about over here at

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  • Wo
    Wounded Insured Apr 03, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Contact the Federal trade Commission, file a complaint and they'll act on our behalf. Progressive illegally sold my vehicle. I already filed a complaint. They don't act on individual complaint, but when enough of us contacts them and file, it'll get the legal action against them moving and they'll conduct a full investigation. or call 877-382-4357.

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consumers, we should band together and file a class-action lawsuit.

I signed on with Progressive only to find that the bill I received was a lot more than the quote they gave...

rude and unprofessional agents

There was a fraudulent claim filed agaisnt me with Progressive Insurance for an Auto Accident. An agent by...

terrible service!

My daughter was in a car accident in oct 06.she had 2 vertebrates crushes, she still has back problems and been seeing the chiropractor. They did not wont to pay lost wages, they send us four times the same papers, we send them in the first time, well they cant find them, they keep dragging it out, they did not payed the chiropractor since aug,07, which we just found out about. They offered my daughter a settlement of 1500$ dec07, they want her to see one of there doctors, which will tell that nothing is wrong. So my daughter took the settlement, but never knew that they had not pay the chiropractor since aug,07. They do not want to pay them.the bill is higher then the settlement. So she got ripped off by progressive. They seem like they are affordable, but in the end you will pay out off your own pocket and we had full coverage. This company is a joke!

[censor] company!

In mid July an auto mechanic was driving my car off of a long bed (used to transport a race car). While...