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Complaints & Reviews

Dishonest behavior

I received a notice from my auto insurance company (21st Century auto insurance) that my auto payment was "Declined". When I called my bank and asked why it was declined...

21st Century Insurancenot involved in accident results in insurance increase

My wife was falsely accused of having an accident. The other driver filled a claim with her insurance company and made a fraudulent police report. The police report indicates that there is no damage to our vehicle but 21st Century claims adjuster paid the claim to the other party, indicated my wife was at fault, without every contacting her for her side of the event. They are refusing to review this claim now and they raised our rates by $1600 a year as a result.

21st Century Insurancewithholding a refund.

I submitted an online form for a quote on auto insurance. After accepting their price they advised me to arrange for payment online. I paid in full for 6 months, then found that they had changed the coverage to accomodate the price. I called on the phone to assure changes in coverage and a new price. The old incorrect policy was canceled and a new policy issued. It has now been 2 weeks and I can't get a refund for the original policy. I also can't get any TRUTH from anyone there. They seem like practiced liars. Do not trust this company.

  • Fr
    from Colorado Feb 13, 2014

    I went to a car dealer to trade my car, Carfax states my car was declared total loss five years a go by an insurance company, happen to be at that time 21st century
    I contacted Carfax to clear my car name since it was my only car from 2006 till this moment and never been in a total loss car accident!!
    Investigation still going on and not sure if I will be able to clear my car title and be able to trade it in!!
    I lost that deal and not sure how long I have to wait to be able to sale my car!!!

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21st Century Auto InsuranceCharges fees to make payments

21st Century's latest scam is to charge $15 fee when your automatic credit card payment (AutoPay) fails. They are charging you $15 for nothing basically. It doesn't cost them a dime when your AutoPay fails.

21st Century recommends using AutoPay to avoid the $3.50 fee for a one time credit card payment., what a joke.

You may have heard about the recent data breach Global Payments, a credit card processor that processes $120 billion in transactions per year. 1.5 million credit cards were affected, including my Visa card. Bank of America issued me a new card. Soon after that, I received an email from 21st Century stating my AutoPay failed and my account was removed from the AutoPay plan. The email said nothing about a fee, I noticed the fee when I logged in to update my credit card and renew my policy.

I imagine 21st Century made hundreds of thousands of dollars from the credit card data breach. Makes me wonder.

I refuse to pay $15 for nothing. I will be calling 21st to renew my policy. If they do not waive the fee, I will wave bye bye to 21st Century.

21st Century Insuranceunreasonable rate increases

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH 21st CENTURY. Their rates may seem appealing at first but that will change. I chose both auto and home insurance coverage only to see unjustified rate increases of up to 18% a year. They are like a loan shark.
Also, if you file a claim and you will regret it! They will get their money back quickly by hammering you with rate increases. They will not respond to emails sent directly to them over a period of weeks through their website.

  • Ga
    GaNative Feb 15, 2012

    I agree. Stay away from this company. This is the former AIG Insurance Company that we as taxpayers bailed out of financial trouble. Increasing rates is how they thank us.

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21st Century InsuranceStay away


P.O. BOX 155510 WILMINGTON, DELAWARE [protected]
[protected] |

  • Sc
    scammed and mad about it Feb 01, 2012

    In July 2011, I purchased full coverage auto insurance from 21st century online . It was for six months and I paid in advance and three months later in October 2011 they cancelled my policy for non-payment and refused to refund three months premiums. Don't do business with these crooks!!! They refuse to even talk to me.

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  • St
    Stranded on the Road Jun 27, 2012

    I have been a 21st customer for many many years, but have hardly ever had to make a claim. Last week my car broke down near the middle of my hometown about 4 in the afternoon. I called 21st, and got a recording asking if they could use my cell phone to locate me, to which I agreed. The recorded voice then said that they were busy in my area, and would not be able to help me for at least 4 hours, and to please call back in 4 hours. There was no way to talk to an agent, and I didn't even know if I would be able to talk to a person when I called back in 4 hours. For all I know, I could have gotten the same recording for days. Things didn't look all that busy in town, and I could even see a parked tow truck from where I was standing. So I made other arrangements to get my car home, since it was clear 21st wasn't going to be of any help. The next morning I called 21st to let them know that this was not a good way to treat customers, and eventually I spoke to a person in the Roadside Assistance dept. She told me she didn't know how or why this happened, and I never heard anything else from them. I now realize that the Roadside Assistance I have been paying for is completely worthless. It looks good on paper and on my insurance card, but they can't be relied on to help if you really need roadside assistance. I'm just thankful I was near home and wasn't stranded in some unknown or possibly dangerous place far from home. From this I learned that I need to have some form of roadside or towing insurance, other than 21st, and I'm glad I learned that so close to home. I have never had an accident that 21st had to pay for, and this makes me wonder if they would also try to be unreachable if I needed to make a claim. So I advise people to not rely on the Roadside Assistance part of the policy.

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21st Century Insurance CompanyWants to raise my renewal premium by almost 38% for no reason!

I had been a customer of State Farm, but in July of this year, I switched my auto insurance to 21st Century Insurance after they gave me an insurance quote which was $175 a year cheaper.

My current six month policy premium with 21st Century Insurance is $543.57, so imagine my surprise when I received my policy renewal the other day and discovered that my renewal policy premium will be increased by approximately 38% to $749.81!

I have no idea why 21st Century Insurance feels the need to increase my premium by such an outrageous amount, as I have not had any tickets or accidents since long before I became a customer last July, and the premium increase is far more than the 5% across the board rate increase that they notified me of in the policy renewal paperwork.

Since there is no reasonable excuse for a 38% increase in my insurance premium, I emailed them and asked them to give me an explanation as to why they feel that they have the right to raise my premium so dramatically. It has been almost 2 weeks, and I have not yet received a reply.

Since we live in a free market and I am not obligated to remain a customer of a company which is trying to rip me off, I reserve the right to find a cheaper insurance premium with another insurance company. If 21st Century Insurance will not lower my insurance premium to a more reasonable amount, I won't renew my policy when it expires on January 1st.

Before I became a customer of 21st Century Insurance, I was warned by a friend (and former customer of 21st Century Insurance) that they are an unethical company and they would dramatically raise my premiums after the first six months. As it turns out, my friend was correct, and I was a fool for believing that they were an honest company. In my opinion, 21st Century Insurance is nothing more than a bait and switch scam!

I will remain a customer of 21st Century Insurance if my six month renewal premium is priced at $570.75. This amount reflects a rate increase in the amount of 5%.

I have absolutely no intention of renewing my insurance policy with 21st Century Insurance if they attempt to charge me any amount over $570.75.

  • Ka
    Karen A. Spies Feb 03, 2011

    I was under the impression that I had FULL coverage...well, I had an accident, when the rains came down in December. I was exiting off the 22fry, NOT speeding, no one in front of me and no one behind. The exit has a "candy cane" curve to it, as soon as i went to curve my stearing wheel with the curve itself, all of the sudden I had no controll of my vehicle. my tires hydroplained and sent me spinning. I did a couple of 360's and finally hit the side rail of the off ramp with my passenger side taking the brunt of the impact, and landing facing the opposite direction. On Impact I did hit my head on the windshield-drivers window, and was bumped around. Come to find out that I can't even go to my Dr.'s to get checked out because I was NOT aware I needed..."MED-PAY"??? What the HELL is THAT! I've always carried FULL coverage, NEVER ever was I denied medical care. That little "rule" or clause or whatever you want to call it, was NEVER disclosed to me in ANY WAY - SHAPE or FORM! I do have some back issues that are congenital and progressive in it's degeneration as I age.
    So, currently I'm a nursing student, and don't have any private insurance coverage at thjis time. So I know for a fact if that issue was mentioned about having extra coverage for medical expenses I may have...Iwould have ADDED it. I was mislead and now I have some Dr' bills that I cannot pay. Then I received your paperwork for my "renewal" and my insurance premium went up $55.00 a month!!! So I call and speak to this absolute A_ S, who was so RUDE and could care -a-less that I had "concerns" about my policy. He continued to tell me that after a "certain" amount of money/damage payed out, that it's automatically DEEMED MY fault! That is the MOST rediculous thing I have heard! How can it be my fault when mother nature was in controll?? How?? There was nothing wrong with my Tires, OR was there a visible "water puddle" to DODGE! I haven't been in an accident that was my fault EVER, in my 30yrs behind the wheel. This increase in rate is so wrong AND outrageous, and I will not stop untill someone takes another look into this unjustice from My insurance Co., that I pay EVERY month and have for years!!! Who can I turn too?? I feel like I'm fighting City Hall or something. There needs to be some sort of
    explanation as to why I'm "at fault" and why my premiums are now too expensive for me to keep with the insurance coverage I have/had.

    Sincerely, Karen S.

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  • Im
    imajem Aug 01, 2011

    I bought a 6 months policy on 4/20/11 for 109.09, a credit of 7.07 was issued on 4/28/11. They cancelledTthe policy on 7/21/11 as agreed on by Jeffrey Gasick and supposedly his supervisor but refunded only 31.11 on 6/24/11 and refuse to issue a complete refund of 51.01 (51.01 - 31.11 = 19.90 ) sighting origination fees etc which should have been taken care in the first policy. They've written so many policies it's hard to keep tract. Instead of cancelling the policy, they wrote a new one on 7/22/11 and claim I owe them 138.?? more. Jeffrey Gasick couldn't seem to find the refund that had already been issued...I had the copy in my possession!
    These are crooks par excellence, creating one excuse and charge after another!!!
    Another call to "Deborrah", asking why they issued another policy on 7/22. She says they had to issue a new one so they could cancelled the other one????These are definitely ###S!!! None knows what the other is doing!!!

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  • Gl
    glenh2nd Dec 22, 2011

    21st Century is owned by Farmers Insurance.

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  • Wa
    waytogo1953 Jan 13, 2012

    Do not get into This scheme wiTh This company... my payments were not what They said and cancelled me wiThout any warning at all. I called Them about a bill and found out I had been cancelled even Though I was paid Through The 23rd of January. I was cancelled on The 6Th. They make The premiums very low at first and Then do not stand by The payment agreements and make you pay or They cancel. My payments were [email protected] and 5 @183.56 I paid [email protected] august and September [email protected] October [email protected] November and December and was billed for $521.00 for January... when I called on January 11Th, to see why I got such a high bill on January 6Th I was told I was cancelled and not eligible for renewal. Wow They hadn't even told me I had no insurance until I called. There was not a cancellation notice or any warning at all. I'm very lucky I called. YOU DO NOT WANT THIS COMPANY TO INSURE YOU. TOTAL BAIT AND SWITCH SCHEME!!!

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21st Century Auto Insurance — fraud,non payment,bad service

21st century auto insurance(Farmers insurance)- will take care of most of the bills-until you have to have surgery. If you are the walking wounded( hurt but moving) do not just go...

21st Century InsuranceInsurance Rip Off Artists

My car was hit by one of their insured on July 5th, and to date (August 13th) we've STILL not received a settlement on this claim. I had a total of four claims adjusters and one "total loss" adjuster during this six-week period. The company representatives obviously read off cards, do not provide needed information, do not return calls in a timely manner, and refuse to authorize a rental car for the entire time the claim is being processed. I had to contact them initially to get any sort of action on my still pending claim. The first adjuster, who barely spoke English, insisted that the car had to be moved from the towing company to one of their "secured lots" a distance of nearly 200 miles away instead of simply sending an adjuster and totaling the car. They insisted on getting a release immediately so they could move it and did not allow us ample time to drive nearly 50 miles to remove belongings from the vehicle. Now they won't pay shipping to send my son's electric guitar and other belongings which were in the vehicle. All in all, this company is a nightmare to deal with!

21st Century Insurance — Scam and abuse!

21st Century Insurance are crooked and deceitful! I received my new insurance bill for my 2003 vehicle to find that my insurance had been raised $252 for 6 month period, which i...

21st Century Auto Insurance21st Century took back check AFTER body shop finished repair

I was involved in a car accident on 12-26-06 at the Westfield shopping mall in Arcadia, CA. I was waiting for a parking space. A car in back of me tried to pass me, but she miscalculated and ran into my car. My driver side taillight was hit, her mirror on her passenger side of the car fell off and was dangling by a cord.

I called the driver of the other car (Toni) on 1-3-07 after I got the estimate for the damages. She called me back the same day at 6:21 pm and left a message on my cell phone voice mail telling me to go ahead and claim her insurance (21st Century Insurance). I did as she told me to. On 1-9-07 4:14 pm, 21st Century called to say they wanted to inspect my car on 1-10-07.

I had left my car with MAC body shop. At the time I left my car with MAC, I had instructed them to not do any repairs on my vehicle until they get approval from 21st Century saying they are willing to pay them. I told the 21st Century rep at [protected] that I had left my car with MAC and that they were welcome to go do the inspection over there anytime they wanted. The inspector went to MAC 1-10-07, inspected my car's damages including determining the fault of the collision was associated with Toni, wrote up his own estimate for the body shop which amounted to $ 1,020.14, and approved of work to be done up to that amount. The body shop then immediately got started on the job. Michael Campos of 21st Century [protected] then called me 1-11-07 at 3:31 pm, left a message on my voice mail stating that 21st Century "will be paying for the damages and that the amount was going to be $ 1,020.14." A check was issued from 21st Century to me for the amount of $ 1,020.14 on 1-12-07. I then received a call from Michael Campos on 1-16-07 at 2:10 pm saying that they were going to be disputing the charges. This was 6 days later after he had approved of the repair with the body shop. Not knowing whether the body shop was already finished or nearly finished with the repair, I told Mr. Campos that he should call the body shop immediately regarding the situation. On 1-16-07, Mr. Campos had also approved of 21st Century paying for my renting of a van for $ 30 per day while I did not have my own van to use. I did not hear back from Mr. Campos or the body shop. I then received a letter from 21st Century on 1-19-07 stating they will be disputing the charges.

21st Century stopped payment on the $ 1,020.14 check on 1-19-07 and even incurred a $ 5 charge against my account for the stopped payment.

I called the body shop on 1-22-07 and was told by the owner Joe that he was informed that 21st Century was going to be disputing the charges. Joe had told me that he had been trying to reach Mr. Campos for the past few days but has not received a call back from Mr. Campos. The problem was that Mr. Campos had approved of the work initially and now is disputing the charges AFTER the entire work was done. Joe said it was too late by the time Mr. Campos told him of the dispute, because the work was already all completed. Mr. Campos WENT BACK ON HIS WORD. Now the body shop must be paid because they had already done all the work amounting to $ 1,020.14, what the inspector had approved on site with his own written estimate, and now 21st Century says they are disputing that amount. This was the amount the inspector felt was fair by his own determination. I was left without a car to use because the body shop would not release my car without being paid.

Mr. Campos says they are disputing the amount because they do not believe the damages to my driver's side of the car was due to Toni. I do not know why Mr. Campos cannot understand this logic. I was at a full stop waiting for a parking space in the parking lot aisle. Toni tried to pass me and in doing so, Toni's passenger mirror hit my taillight on my driver's side. Toni's mirror started falling off her car. The mirror was swinging and dragging as she continued to drive along side my driver's side of the car and the mirror swept across my driver's side of the car inducing the damages. Toni finally stopped in front of my car.

I attempted to call Toni to try to get her to pay for the damages numerous times. Her parents were always the ones who answered the phone. I was told that it was because Toni felt the amount 21st Century approved of was more than what she felt it should be, so she told her insurance company to dispute the amount, thus explaining the 6 day delay and the stopped payment on the check. I was told by her parents that they would not allow me to talk to her.

I then got my insurance involved. The only problem was, I have a $ 1,000 deductible. I had to pay the $ 1,000 to MAC. My insurance paid $ 20.14. My insurance then told me that they would try to recover my deductible from 21st Century. They tried, but 21st Century said they were sticking to their position of not paying. 21st Century said they have photographic evidence that Toni's mirror was no longer dangling by a cord and that it was not possible for her mirror (position after being pulled back up) to hit the side of my car where it did. (This was because on 1-3-07 when I called Toni, she told me her brother knows how to do body work and offered to repair my car for me. I told her I'd prefer a licensed body shop to do it. She then told me of a cousin of hers who works in a body shop, but was on vacation at the time. - Either one of those guys could easily have repaired her mirror for her before the inspector went to take pictures.) When I told 21st Century Toni's brother and her cousin could possibly have repaired her mirror for her before they took photos, the 21st Century rep replied "Well, yea, anything's possible, but we're not going to call our insured a liar."

Instead of paying the $ 1,020.14 for repairing my car, 21st Century issued a check for $ 92.01 for repair of only my taillight. 21st Century later also requested that $ 92.01 check to be returned to them before they would even reconsider payment of a different amount. To this date, I have not been reissued another check, but they called to say they will not change their position. In fact, the 21st Century rep said they should reissue another check in the amount of $ 92.01 to be sent to my insurance company so that they could deduct their $ 20.14 out of it.

21st Century also sent me a check for $ 100 in exchange for signing a release for bodily injuries for them because I had complained of headache and bodyache at the time.

21st Century sent me a check for $ 15 for rental car because they said they were only responsible for the taillight, which the $ 15 should cover the time it takes to repair the taillight. (I was left without a car to use for 78 days @ which Mr. Campos agreed to a fee of $ 30 per day.)

I have not cashed any of the checks because I do not wish to waive any of my rights. I feel there has been a great injustice done.

I am a physician and I had a lot of time lost form work due to this incident.

I have recordings of the messages 21st Century had left me, agreeing to payment of $ 1,020.14. I have copies of the check they took back later in the amount of $ 1,020.14

MAC had written me a note saying the damages they saw on my driver's side of the car was consistent with an object possibly a mirror that dragged across my driver's side, which is consistent with what I described to them due to the POSITIONING OF THE MARKINGS ON MY CAR. I do have the estimate the inspector gave the body shop that was done by his own calculations, observations, and judgment, which amounted to $ 1,020.14.

  • Ca
    Call this Protection? Sep 17, 2009

    This happened in a private parking area containing Municpal Code limiting access. The contact point was right side bumper to right front bumper of the second car. A claim was sent to 21C the day after from persons unknown. My name address and personal iinfromation such as e-mail address wsas sent to the sender who represented the seconf car. I was addresssed as "claimant" throughout though I made no claim (see image oj paint chip smaller than a dine.) and treated in an adversarial manner. The claims agent assigned to the case insisted that I backed into the seceond car damaging it and causing physical injury to the driver. My car was never examined though appointments were made and never kept without explaination. I was declared liable citing a law that applied to fighway driving - no significance was given to the fact that driver of the second car entered at a speed too high for the parking area and did not frive as to avoid other cars already there.
    1. Had they applied the correct law,
    2. inspected the car or responded to myobjection as assureed
    3. Consulted the facts
    4. Observed the m.c.
    5. taken a pictureo f the damage

    There would not have been one more insurance scam in the State of California. Wonder why we pay so much?
    1. Misdirected liability

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  • To
    tokyoseoul27 Mar 31, 2011

    Wanda, I would sue. I am glad that you kept all supporting materials. They cannot just approve work and then stop it. Always call the cops to any accident. They will then have a 3rd party to who is at fault that has nothing to gain or lose from the insurance payout. Take pictures. I always have my cell phone with camera on it to snap photographs. They base fault from the damages, so when they replaced the mirror, the facts did not add up, and then they didn't want to pay because they didn't think she was at fault. Your insurance company works for you to protect your rights and I would inform them of all this under the table stuff going on. They will not like it. Best wishes.

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