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I ordered flowers, from, yesterday, for Mother's Day.I chose the dozen roses, for $19.99, & for long stemmed roses, it was an additional $1.99, which I chose.When it came to the delivery date, it was standard delivery, which had no price, plus an additional charge, of $4.99, to get it delivered on Friday;my mother likes to get things early.Since there wasn't a price, by"standard delivery"I thought it was included in the price.I went through everything, I had to go through, to complete the purchase.One thing I absolutely did not do, was to check the box, that gave them permission, to keep my credit card information.I thought the price would be $27, plus taxes.I was amazed, not amused, when I got the confirmation e-mail, stating the final cost was $42.75!It seems the standard shipping is actually $9.99(again, there is no price, where it said"standard shipping"), AND they also charged a"care & handling"fee of $2, 99(are you kidding?).I got so annoyed, I immediately wrote to them, to complain.While I was writing the letter, I went back & tried to duplicate the order, to see if I was making a mistake(I wasn't);when I got to the part of the recipient's address, I hit the confirm button...remember, I did NOT check the box, for them to keep my credit card info.As I pressed the button, I realized that my credit card number, was still there.I immediately hit the stop button, on my browser, & it stopped right away, without even leaving the page.Unfortunately, it actually went has this policy of not canceling orders, for Mother's Day from April 28, 2011.I then tried to cancel the order(yes, I knew of this policy), hoping they would understand, that it was a double order.This was less than 10 minutes, after the second order, was accidentally placed.They did respond, saying the order couldn't be cancelled, but they would give me a refund, of the second order, in about a week of delivery.Aside from the fact, they shouldn't be waiting that long, to issue a refund;I now have serious doubts, that it might even happen, because of the many posts here, I've read.I'm also hoping that I don't get any extra charges, in the future, from I checked out their offer;but when it came to inputting my home address, & credit card info., I stopped the process.I even got an email from, stating that I didn't complete my registration, with them.I then unsubscribed from their mailing list.I'm hoping that, doesn't share my credit card information, with them;but, again, I have my doubts.I just want everyone to know, that uses deceptive tactics.They should state ALL of their costs, BEFORE people are made to confirm their purchases.The odd thing is, I'm actually going to see my mother, on Mother's Day.I should have just bought her the flowers, on my way, to see her;it would have saved me a lot of aggravation;& for the same money, I could have gotten a better arrangement.I hope the people that, has monitoring this blog( and obviously, they do), bring my complaint, to their attention.This company needs to make changes, if they are to stay in business...word gets around.


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