ProflowersErrrors upon errors Rions V-Day

Order was first promised day BEFORE V-Day at wife's work...30m b4 it was to arrive, they said it could not be filled. So I change it to Saturday, Valentines day and change the address to my Billing Address some 30m North of where she worked. Its 3PM on V-Day; I called and they FUBARED up this order, never changing the delivery address as requested---delivering to a closed business on a Saturday apparently because they are GENUISES working over there.

So, given that they have ruined my V-Day twice, you would think that they would move heaven and earth to make sure my flowers get delivered today to the correct address even if it arrives at 8pm tonight...because you see no REFUND or CREDIT can make up for the damage they have done, , , with TWO chances to get it right and getting nothing. Talking to a superviosor gets me nothing...they CANT CALL A FLORIST DIRECTLY. THEY HAVE TO SEND A FORM TO THE MAIN OFFICE TO CALL ME! TTOCK TICK TOCK... nothing they can do is good enough--- they dont even have a procedure in place to deal with these emergencies.


Feb 14, 2015

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