My name is Faye Haddad and after being on the road for hours this morning with two infant children I submitted an online reservation at for they Hyatt at Plymoth Meeting. Upon submitting my CC info I received a message saying invalid card so I resubmitted my CC info and got the same message so for the 3rd time I entered my CC info again and still got the same invalid card message. Instantly I received a call from BOA about 3 pending charges in the amount of $165.00 each.
After speaking with BOA I was advised to call Priceline where your first rep told me that Hyatt website was updating inventory.. fair enough, BUT that is NOT the message I received. Had I received that message I would not have resubmitted my CC details 3 times... Priceline submitted false information - terrible business. I asked to speak to a supervisor regarding this and I spoke with Ian who told me to take it up with my bank which is poor customer service saying that the charges are pending and will drop off in 5 days... well that's all good and dandy but NOT my problem... he offered to call BOA but then asked if I was comfortable giving my fill CC details.. ABSOLUTELY NOT!! why would I trust Priceline or their rep with my personal details when they falsified information regarding the reservation I tried to book...See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Chantilly, VA I asked for his supervisor and was transferred to Josh, ID nbr 5260462who basically repeated what Ian ID nbr 526046 said and that is all he could do. He kept insisting that the bank will drop the charges and that Priceline is not the one holding my funds but rather my bank... HOW??? BoA wouldn't not have pending charges if Priceline didny submit them? Seriously!!! He then offered to conference call BOA to have funds released. He at least did not ask for my personal info like Ian... again clearly me giving Ian my personal details was not correct protocol as Josh didn't. BOA rep, confirmed that they do not remove holds. Josh asked to speak with a supervisor at BOA, well that was not up for debate- THEY DO NOT REMOVE HOLDS...
So, here I am on the road with 2 infants, still no reservation, my money tied up with Priceline for 5 business days and ALL Priceline could do was tell me it's not their fault and that I should attempt to rebook after refreshing the page. How do they suppose I do that when 500.00 on my CC is being held for the next 5 days. I CAN NOT make another reservation because of the hold. Priceline has caused my children and I to have to sleep in out car. Did not assist in contacting the hotel or offering a reservation for us. BAD BUSINESS. I will NOT be using Priceline ever again and I will be sure to share my situation publically. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES.

Jun 17, 2018

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