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Beware: Priceline is a ripoff scam. I bid on a 4 to 5 star hotel minimum as an anniversary treat for my wife. Priceline came back with a 3 star hotel and charged me the full bid price ($75 higher than the 3 star hotel going rate). All other travel review companies, including AAA,, TripAdvisor, etc. rate that hotel as 3 star. We didn't even stay there because we were looking for something nicer for our anniversary, but they charged us $152 anyway. I later found out that Priceline routinely, intentionally, and illegally overinflates their hotel ratings to sell inferior rooms at higher overinflated prices, ripping off their customers. Customer service was a joke - they are so rude, and they chuckled and practically agreed that they conduct this scam, but "it is their business". Beware: Priceline is a ripoff scam.


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