[Resolved] Pottery Barn / Williams-Sonoma / kendall crib

We received a Kendall Crib as a baby shower gift from a group of coworkers. We just moved into new house and went to assemble crib and the plastic teething rails are missing. My wife has spent a very unreasonable amount of time trying to get a replacement set (even agreeing to pay for it). She asked me to call and I got absolutely nowhere. The rep demands an order number which we do not have because this was a gift. We have spent many thousands of dollars at Pottery Barn and really are disappointed by the total lack of service. Without a positive resolution we will cancel are card and continue our relationship with Restoration Hardware. Restoration Hardware has been unbelievably responsive to the few issues we have had over the years.
Missing parts should not take this kind of unreasonable process to replace.
Please fix this problem.
Many Thanks-
[name removed]

  • Resolution statement

    Sent new parts.

Nov 15, 2017

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