Pottery Barn Kids / they lost personalized comforter

United States

My sons personalized comforter with his name started to fall apart. We contacted Pottery Barn and they sent a UPS box to have it picked up so that they could fix it. After a few days they called us and said that they couldn't fix it, but that we could either replace the item with a new different item or have the original sent back and they would pay us back if we found someone able to fix it. Since my sons comforter was now out of stock, and it was the only to match his room, we called them back to ask for ours back. Except now they have disposed of it, and its gone. So now were out of a comforter, that they were suppose to fix. Had we known that we were sending it back to them to be disposed of we would've never have sent it in the first place!!! Sooo Upset!!! Screw Pottery Barn. I will never do business with them and I will be sure to spread the word!

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