Pottery Barn / customer relations

New York, NY, United States

"I have placed many orders with Pottery Barn before, and this issue happened just recently in the last month.

I have a few items in the cart and I was waiting on a good sale with emailed promotional coupons.
After trying out a coupon to see if it applied and clicking remove coupon my order would automatically be submitted.

After calling up to cancel the order that I did not submit, Pottery Barn Customer service would tell me I had to wait 24 hours before they can cancel my order and it would be canceled. ( which later I was told they have the ability to actually submit for cancelation but the rep. lied)

So, the next day I would call in to cancel and they said everything was in and if an item ships i can call in to re-route back to Potterybarn. Which ended up happening but when i called the next day saying a package shipped already that the re-route was no longer an option. Also that because my item which i didn't place in the first place is not refundable at this point, because it was a monogrammed item.

I have purchased thousands of dollars in merchandise from Pottery Barn just the last few months but their customer service, rules and systems are poor at best these days. Misinformation and screwy website submitting orders when I click remove coupon.

Say goodbye to a long time customer."

Dec 18, 2014

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