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Penang, MY

Dear Pos Malaysia

I would like to enquire about a service offered by POS Malaysia - Redirection.

I have obtain the Application for Redirection form from post office (as per attached). However, I would like to understand further about this service.
1. I would like to know what will be the charges of this redirection service as from the application form, it indicated a clause ‘ I agree to pay any fees incurred upon delivery of all postal items redirected to me in accordance with this application’. Please advise.
2. If it is a redirection application from a company, what are the supporting documents required.
3. If it is a redirection application from an individual, what are the supporting documents required.
4. Where should I submit this application form as on the form, there’s a rule indicated that ‘Application regarding redirection should be forwarded to the Delivery Office at the former address of the applicant.’ Please explain this clause as it is unclear.

I have called to POS Malaysia customer service line to enquire about this redirection service but received a very disappointed the customer service from the personnel. The customer service personnel was not aware of this Redirection service offered by POS Malaysia and unable to provide answer to all questions that I asked. The customer service personnel informed that there will be no charge for the redirection service, no supporting documents are required and just submit the application form to any post office.

I would really appreciate if POS Malaysia can look into this matter and provide me with clear answers.

Your prompt reply is very much appreciated.

Mar 14, 2017

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