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Portfolio Recovery have been contacting me on the job. They say I owe a debt to them, I checked my credit report and I did not see this debt, named on there. When I am not available they leave messages with co-workers. Is this even possible?

Well, the first time they called my work I researched it and found out I needed to take progressive measures and write them a letter and request they cease communication at my place of work. I did that, I even had the letter sent 2 to 3 day priority mail with delivery confirmation. It was sent out on a Monday and it was delivered on Wednesday morning that same week. I did not hear anything for a few days and I thought maybe it worked.

Yesterday they called my work again and left a message with a co-worker. I decided this is irritating me. I contacted my Attorney General by e-mail complaint (after I researched their site and noticed how many times their office has dealt with Portfolio Recovery), but I also mailed the Attorney General a written complaint and copies of th letter I sent PR, the USPS delivery confirmation, along with the phone number and extension the PR agent left with my co-worker.

They should not be allowed to continue to disrupt people in the workplace.

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  • Wi
      Jun 13, 2009

    You should contact a consumer attorney immediately. Find one on the National Association of Consumer Advocates website.

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  • Ma
      Sep 09, 2009

    I used to work for a sister company of theirs called IGS, out here in Vegas. If anyone would like a full disclosure of the practices they teach, and encourage, in their training, please feel free to email me. [protected]

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  • Wi
      Nov 10, 2009

    Call your attorney general to make a complaint so this company will have to follow the law.Find your state statutes here:

    Find your state attorney general here:

    Your attorney general can make them stop illegally abusing not only YOU, but others like you: elderly people they like to intimidate, single mothers, veterans, anyone. Even when you owe a debt, there are laws they have to follow, and this company does not follow them. Report abuses to your attorney general!!!

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  • Us
      Feb 09, 2011

    Same thing happened to me, a 10 year old credit card I myself closed and left in good standing came back to bite me by way of Portfolio Recovery Associates. After going through my credit and asking the credit card company to send me letters stating the last known status of my credit card account(s), it was as I had remembered it being, both accounts closed in good standing. So why are they buying our information, shouldn't we be protected. I understand the law allows financial institutions to share customer information for those accounts with bad debt, but why are accounts left in good standing being sold as well? Isn't this a Federal Offense? Why isn't anyone doing anything about this? So after all my evidence I had them remove the collection account from their systems, whatever that means, probably means they've moved my account information to a resell database. Now after having gone through all this on some non-sense fraudulent debt, they have the audacity to send me a letter to ask my permission and signature to have the credit bureaus remove any inquiries they've made into my credit report. I quickly called them back to let them know I wasn't going to give them permission to mess around with my credit report, then a few days later a letter in the mail states they were informing me of their intent to have the credit bureaus remove any inquiries they've made on my report. Isn't this illegal? Now I will send them a letter and fax and follow up with a phone call requesting they stop fiddling around with any of my information, my credit report, my life period no nothing. If I find anything in my credit report regarding these guys after my phone call is placed, its time to play ball. Who wants to join my team?

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