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Portfolio Recovery Associates / scam collections letter

1 ME, United States Review updated:

Received today a letter addressed to my spouse offering payment options on a debt that was ostensibly owed to Capital One Bank. The main problem with the collections activity is that my spouse has NEVER had an account of any kind with this bank or its predecessors. Indeed, he hasn't had a bank account in any bank for almost 5 years and has had no credit cards or other credit accounts in at least 12 years, a product of having been burned by his ex-wife when she cleaned out their joint account and ran up debts on their credit cards prior to kicking him out (he settled those debts years ago). This is the second time he has been targeted by a scam of this nature. Luckily, the phone is in my name so they don't call, but we're sending out a cease-and-desist letter and will be contacting the Atty General of Maine if they don't.

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  • Go
      11th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Portfolio recovery is B.S. Mica1775 is a damned fool;
    or works for them theydo advertise on this web page.

    Never give out your social security number just because its asked for.
    All these crooks need is a social to go with your name and address to screw you over.
    You don't know who these people are or what they're up to until its too late and you have been robbed and bills have been run up in your name.

    Keep yourself safe from fruad and verify the bill with the original creditor.
    Call the original creditor and make sure its your bill.
    For you that's Capital One.

    If you are threatened with legal action speek with an attorney.
    A good lawyer will defend you and if necessary sue the collector.
    Don't worry about what some cheap bill collector says the law is.

  • Al
      15th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Mica1755 - anyone can be anything on the interwebz...I highly doubt your claims. Plathamb is entitled to a Verification of Debt (at the very least) which should track the entire account from the original creditor - along with a signed contract from the original creditor and an accounting of all fee/interest that have been added onto the principle. If this is not provided w/ in 30 days, she is well within her legal rights to send a cease and desist letter (Certified Mail - return receipt requested). Should anything ELSE turn up (more calls, letters, etc) she can file suit. Should a 1099 arrive for her for 'discharged debt' (that can be counted as income for tax purposes), she is perfectly within her rights to contest it and file suit. Also, she should check the statute of limitations on debt in her state - sounds like it's expired - in that case, the debt (even if it was valid) is not collectable, should NOT appear on credit reports, and she should hire an attorney - not trust the word on some internet hack like yourself.

  • Nu
      2nd of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Please remove or block posts from Mica1755. This person obviously doesn't work for a law firm given the language used in the body of the posts. If this person indeed works for a law firm, it is probably for Portfolio Recovery Associates seeing that this is the type of language used when they make phone calls. Probably just a legal aide with a summer temp job.

  • Ex
      11th of Apr, 2011
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    Just a question Mica, if you already have the SSN on file why do you need the person to give it to you? Surely just the last four would be enough?

    Although to be honest I would never give even that much out via phone as their are too many scammers like PRA out there already.

    Of course the other honest posters here are so obviously correct when they say you are either deluded or paid by PRA and probably both as you don't even have the slightest idea of legal process with regards to verification of debt or the statute of limitation.

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