Portfolio Recovery Associates / Liars & Frauds

They are trying to get me to pay a credit card bill on which I was the "secondary cardholder". This means another person is responsible for paying the bill, but my name was on the card. This is not "cosigning". Cosigning is where a person signs that they will pay the bill if the person who holds the card defaults. In this case my Father was "primary cardholder". I don't know exactly how much he owed, but I used the card and charged $2000. This was all unsecured debt meaning he had not put up anything as collateral. He died in 2006. We needed money so, my Sister got my Mom to mortguage the house. As a condition of the loan, we had to pay all debts. The loan company paid off all credit cards and all other debt including the debt that Portfolio Recovery is trying to get us to pay. The loan company has a receipt of their payment on behalf of my Mother. Portfolio Recovery is trying to "double dip" by trying to get me to pay a bill that my Mother paid for my deceased Father in 2007. They think that because my name was on a card that I have to pay. They are just trying to get money. They call constantly. They try to wear me down. We paid this bill in 2007 via the mortguage company. I don't know why Capital One Visa sold them this closed account. I don't know where they got this information. Capital One never called me probably because they knew I was not responsibe for paying. They card wasn't even in my name. They must all think that I'm a [censored] and don't know what a secondary cardholder is. I didn't sign any papers to own any credit card ever. I wouldn't qualify anyway because I never made enough money and never held a job for the 46 years that I have been on this earth as I am mentally disabled. I don't owe this debt and never did. All of my Father's debts have been paid. Good luck to these criminals. I guess they thought "at least we can try".
Even if I owed this debt they don't understand "you can't squeese blood out of a turnup". I can't work, am on welfare, and don't have anything to do except dog cuss them every time they call. I'll be waiting. LET EM CALL!. They're just blowing smoke up a mule's ### and are going to get kicked. My friends have notified the DA's office and my Dad worked for DOD for 30 years, and coached world class amateur sports, so I have some contacts in different spheres of influence. Portfolio has been calling my Mom for a couple of years trying to get her to pay credit cards that no one in this family has ever seen. She's mentally ill too and loves to chat with them about her childhood in Arkansas 60 years ago. My grandfather was a deputy prosecuting attorney for that state. My main mission is to protect my Mother. I watch her 24/7. Then I have someone who watches and protects me. This company will never get any money from me. They sent a letter saying that they were going to automatically deduct $700 from my Mom's credit union account. We had the Vice President of Finance at the credit union put a lock on her account. Portfolio said that my Mom had authorized the deduction. They are liars. My Mom nor anyone else authorized this deduction. She doesen't even know her account number or what a routing number is. The transaction never went thru. They called and said she gave them the wrong account number. I told them that she didn't authorize the transaction. They asked "How then did we get the account number?". I said "You tell me and we'll both know". Truth is they either got a bad number from the company that hired them or sold them the debt to collect, which is illegal, or they were just lying and never had an account number. They tried to get my 70-year old mentally ill mother to give them her account number so they could take money out of her account. If they had succeded we wouldn't be able to pay the mortguage and would have faced possible forclosure and we would both be on the street. My Mom just laughed and babbled some crazy story that happened in Arkansas 60 years ago. They are trying to steal from a little ole mentally ill widow who's husband protected the country from criminals like Portfolio. Even Al Capone wouldn't have done this. They aren't worthy to lik Al's feet. They are just a bunch of degenerate, low-life, wannabees. It's just a matter of time before the Justice Department shuts them down. No telling how much they have extorted. They are ripe for the plucking. A good lawyer or the government should sue them. Anyway don't pay them anything. They just go back and look for old financial records of transactions that have been paid and forgotten about. Since most people don't keep records that long, they try to fool people into thinking that they owe money. Just an old scam. I think O'Bama could step in and tell Portfolio Recovery that "the party's over", then fine them for breaking the laws. They prey on mentally ill people and widows. They think we have no power. Well see what happens to them. Anyone that has ever crossed me has met with ill fate, though not of my doing. It just happens. May Good Always Triumph Over Evil!

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