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Portfolio Recovery Associates / Scam and cheating

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Out of the blue in early September 2008 I received a call from a creditor claiming to be collecting debt. I knew I didn't have any outstanding debt, so I took the call in good faith believing that this was an honest mistake that could be easily cleared up. The creditor had my name incorrect and and incorrect address history and claimed I owed a debt from 1991 (I was still in high school then). I told them it was definitely not my debt. They asked for my bank account information and threatened to ruin my credit. I told them I would not give them my information and that this was not my debt. That I would investigate further. They called my several times a day, harassed my underaged daughter, and told me I would be sorry when they put a damaging report on my credit. I raced to get a copy of my credit report to see if this mysterious debt appeared there. It did not. There was no record of this debt at all on my credit report. BUT there was a new hard inquiry for 'collections' from portfolio recovery associates. I have written them and asked them to remove the illegal hard inquiry, which violates the fair credit reporting act. The inquiry remains on my credit report. I don't know what to do to combat this fraud.

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  • La
      31st of Mar, 2009
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    I received a horrible phone call at work today from a representative from Portfolio Recovery concerning a very old account that has been at least 10 years old and is not showing on my credit reports as positive or negative.

    i immediately told her not to ever call my work but she would not listen to me and kept yelling at me so I hung up on her. This was out of the blue. I am having financial problems right now and some major physical problems but to be contacted by this company and treated with such dis-respect it's like they appeared out of the woodwork to collect some part of a scam.

    I do not deserve this kind of treatment and I am fighting mad!

  • De
      23rd of Apr, 2009
    +3 Votes

    Under the UCC, you have the right to demand "verification" of any debt. "Verification" is a written statement, notarized under penalty of perjury, that you owe a debt. They will not provide such a statement because they know that they UCC requires that, before a third party can collect a debt, they have to have the principle's permission in writing for the debt to be sold to the third party. If you didn't sign such a statement, then Portfolio cannot legally collect the debt. They know this. That's why they won't put it on your credit record. It would be fraud. That's why they won't declare under oath and penalty of perjury that you owe them the debt. They can't prove that you gave permission for them to purchase the debt, which means you don't owe the debt to them. If they declared that you did under penalty of perjury, then they would be guilty of perjury. If you want to shut these people down, file a complaint against them with the Federal Trade Commission, and your State's State Corporation Commission. When they get enough complaints, this company will be investigated.

  • Wi
      13th of Jun, 2009
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    You should contact a qualified consumer protection attorney right away. You can find one by consulting the National Association of Consumer Advocates website. Good luck.

  • Lu
      14th of Jun, 2009
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    I received a notice in the mail from PRA stating that I have a balance of over $11, 000. This was what the judge charged off on a bankruptcy back in 1995. I plan to go after this company legally if they make one little mark on my credit report. This is not legal! First of all it was charged off 14 years ago and secondly the statute of limitations has surely run out a long time ago. There are absolutely no judgments against me. I plan to contact my state attorney general about this matter and I also plan to contact all the local news, television and newspaper.

  • Ex
      14th of Jun, 2009
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    You need to review your bankruptcy discharge papers. It is possible some accounts were not included. Also bankruptcy laws changed in the 90s, I dont pretend to know all of what changed. Seek legal advice.

    Charge offs and statute of limitations are tricky as well. Some debts are not reportable or able to have judgements placed after certain time periods. but that does not mean collection activity halts.

    Again, seek legal counsel.

  • Pr
      20th of Jul, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Portfolio Recovery Associates follow FDCPA. they are not allowed to call more than once a day unless customer said so. He mentioned that his name is diff. did he verify the ssn to PRA? PRA will not get bank info if the calling party not identified...etc

  • Ra
      30th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    PRAA operates illegally! I have been contacted out of the blue by these vultures for a 20 year old bill that was dismissed by a federal bankruptcy court 20 years ago. They've been contacting me quite often. So I'm logging each and every call, time of day, date etc. I have tried to tell them they are trying to collect a debt dismissed by a federal court. No luck. For days they wouldn't give me any information when as per the FDCPA(fair debt collection practices act)... According to federal law they must give this information when asked...I usually get hung up on! So, After a recent call to my phone again, i managed to get a little more information. I googled them and came up with Portfolio Recovery Services inc, in Northfork Va. an address and also a a number for the corporate office! 1-888-772-7326 lucky and contacted a supervisor and raked him over the coals royally! they seemed surprised when I called in to their corporate office and billed them a thousand dollars per contact!!! I'm going to sue these ### just for fun and i'm just waiting for them to egg me on a little more so i can get recordings and lay the trap! Also I called chase bank, the orginator of the bill and talked to a lawyer in their legal department and advised them I was going to include them in this lawsuit also since they willingly sold a debt dismissed by a federal court and they too were responsible! That alone seemed to have hit home with chase...Once i reached a certain level they were more than willing to listen. Perhaps this will help someone out there. This company is worse than crap and they operate illegally and with fraud and deception. Don't bargin...cover the bases and sue! What makes me mad is that they have their stock listed with NASDAQ...I'm going to file a complaint with nasdaq and try to have them delisted for operating fraudulently! Go as much damage as you can!!!

  • Ma
      9th of Sep, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I used to work for a sister company of theirs called IGS, out here in Vegas. If anyone would like a full disclosure of the practices they teach, and encourage, in their training, please feel free to email me.

  • Li
      21st of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    i am not sayin this jus b/c i work for them. there are some people there that really do care about u myself being one, some of the collectors are rude but thats them.but alot of us are caring hard workin people i try my best at all times to listen ad work things out for each customer, if u are comin across bad ones u should report them right then and ther its not allowed. but u must also kno ur rights if its out of stat it means we can not sue. also sometimes the debt does not show up on ur report. but also remember that speaking calm helps dont assume every person that calls u r mean alot wants to help.

  • Wi
      10th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Call your attorney general to make a complaint so this company will have to follow the law.Find your state statutes here:

    Find your state attorney general here:

    Your attorney general can make them stop illegally abusing not only YOU, but others like you: elderly people they like to intimidate, single mothers, veterans, anyone. Even when you owe a debt, there are laws they have to follow, and this company does not follow them. Report abuses to your attorney general!!!

  • Wi
      10th of Nov, 2009
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    Call your attorney general to make a complaint so this company will have to follow the law. Find your state statutes here:

    Find your state attorney general here:

    Your attorney general can make them stop illegally abusing not only YOU, but others like you: elderly people they like to intimidate, single mothers, veterans, anyone. Even when you owe a debt, there are laws they have to follow, and this company does not follow them. Report abuses to your attorney general!!! Just taking them to court means they may pay some small fine (with money the scammed from someone else), but your attorney general can put them out of business in your state.

    They are already being investigated by the Missouri Attorney General:

    Get them investigated in your state, too--this illegal behavior can't be allowed to go on!

  • Ne
      16th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Ralph301, I was wondering how things are going for you? My situation is similar to yours and I would like to get an update. It might help me with my situation.

  • Se
      26th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I called Portfolio Recovery Associates, at their (local)# 757-519-9300 and asked for their fax number and they wouldn't give it to me. Then I called back and asked to speak to a rep about my case, a lady named Ahsaki Wilson came on and I told her that I needed to verify their fax number, I asked is your fax number (757) 321-2505 and the lady said yes, I said are you sure, and she said yes. Then, I called back and asked another rep, is your fax number (757)321-2506 and the rep said yes. This clearly shows me that they are lying and don't want anyone to have their fax number. I called back and asked for Wilson lady and she came on, I told her that I was a debt collector trying to recover some money that she owes for a sears credit card. Isn't your name Ahsaki Wilson, she said yes but I don't have a sears account. So I said I'm only an employee here at BRP and it shows here that you owe $1255 to sears and it shows on your credit report as no payment has been made. She freaked out and said that she works for a collection agency and she knows all the little tricks that these companies play. I said so your familiar with the process and that Portfolio Recovery Associates reports to the credit bureau when they shouldn't be doing so. She stayed quiet told me to remove that immediately from her credit report. So I said, let me have your fax number and I will fax you the information right of away so you can see for yourself. So she said (757) 321-2504.


    I believe she was saying the truth this time

    I verified online in a forum, that someone else had this same number

  • No
      9th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Just got off the phone with a useless representative working for PRA after receiving an attempt to collect a debt that was dissolved by chapter 7 twenty years ago. He would not let me talk and was not interested in my explanation. He made three attempts to hang up the phone when I tried to speak. He talked over me, said a package was being sent to me so that I can dispute it, then hung up on me. I'm in the military, and I'll be taking this collection attempt to JAG first thing in the morning.

  • Ru
      17th of Jun, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I too just got hit by this company. They said it was for an AT&T bill from 2000, and rattled off a dollar amount... I asked for demanded verification be sent via US mail, and then hung up... I called my loan officer from when I bought my house in 2007, and she was able to pull up my information (specifically, the credit reports from back then), and it turns out that I did have a debt with AT&T, but it was paid at that time (and had my photo-copied checks to prove it). Anyway, I should be well armed if they still attempted to come after me.

    Oh, and since I am a techie, I did a whois on their domain-name ( and found the following information. I also sent an abuse report to their hosting providers (godaddy for website, and qwest for email), but doubtful they will get shut-off by their providers from just one complaint...

    Portfolio Recovery Services
    120 Corporate Blvd, Suite 100
    Norfolk, Virginia 23502
    United States

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Created on: 17-Jun-98
    Expires on: 16-Jun-19
    Last Updated on: 15-Feb-10

    Administrative Contact:
    Pavlak, Mark
    Portfolio Recovery Associates
    120 Corporate Blvd
    Norfolk, Virginia 23502
    United States
    757-519-9300 Fax -- 757-321-2518

  • De
      4th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    actually its really sad that people truly are so uniformed about debt collection. the fact that the collection was not on your credit was because the credit line was out of that statue of limitations not because they have the information to validate the debt. if you dont believe the debt to be valid then dispute it! there are many times where fraud accounts have been opened in other peoples names. For years parents who had extended their lines of credit and couldnt get anymore or just didnt want to sacrifice losing their credit scores opened accounts in their childrens names. While all kinds of things are in place to stop this today ten years ago it wasnt. And also when you go to bankruptcy discharged means you dont owe the money anymore, dismissed means they threw your case out for whatever reason the judge saw fit. So once again dismissed you owe the money discharged you do not. Also hiring jag for a collection call. what good did that do you? or even hitting the domain name? none, because Portfolio recovery assoc. can prove that it is using legit means to collect a debt. Also unless they give you permission recording their calls wont do you any good. record another persons voice without their permission and use it in court and see how fast it gets thrown out. Also the easiest way to prove you dont owe it is keep records!!! i cant say how much i stress that enough. Most of the time when it comes to Bankruptcies they have that information already. Also saying i want a letter sent to me and hanging up does nothing. the only way to validate a debt or get it removed is to dispute it. And if you pick up the phone and id yourself and then say sorry dont mean to be rude but thank you they cant speak to you for seven days. Honestly if there is something you dont understand or need to know let me know i have access to all kinds of information that can help you.

  • Bl
      18th of Aug, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I how do I get them to stop calling me I never gave them any info and I never picked up the phone but last night they called at 9pm.

  • Ch
      28th of Dec, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I have always had impeccable credit. I could walk into a high end car dealership and drive out in a brand new car, just on my signature. This sinister company acquired debt in my name that was generated by someone stealing my personal information and making charges using my credit card. My credit card company did stop the charges and issued me a new card and account number to halt the fraudulence, however, the fraud continues with this unethical company trying to collect these debts not created by me.

    Here is the interesting part, I have received calls from these people from all over the country. I have actually recorded more than 30 different phone numbers from this organization of vultures, with numbers from St Petersburg and Orlando, FL to Minneapolis, MN to Norfolk, VA just to name a few. That does not include numbers from which they called previous to my collecting and compiling the information!

    These people are vicious, vile and rude as stated by numerous individuals who wrote complaints. It is not uncommon that they will make numerous calls per day which interfere with your work and/or daily routine. Here is a wakeup call for the noble person above who wrote the letter stating they were so proud that they were responsible and finally paid off their debt! I do not know where you are from, but in my state, after five years without action, the debt is considered uncollectable. Do you not realize, you gave the money directly to this scam company who purchased the debt from the original vendor or business that already wrote it off as a loss, just as they do with damaged products! Wow! proud of being dumb enough to be taken to the cleaners, that is amazing!

    I have no intention of subsidizing a company that preys on people and your emotions, harasses and pushes you almost to insanity, for false debt that you personally never incurred, or keep notifying the credit bureaus to destroy your credit for debt that has passed time limitations! These people are falsifying information creating defamation of your character! To put it in simpler terms, it is character assassination! Do you think you should reward them for that? How do you think these bottom feeders stay in business? They beat you until you reach bottom, then work out a deal you can not refuse, to pay money you do not owe! If you settled, you have been victimized and you propagated the continuation of abuse and harassment!

    I am all for removing this type of [censor] and bottom feeder from preying on the innocent and in many cases, the desperately struggling. In this pathetic failed economy where our homes are worth less than half of what they were three years ago, our retirement funds have been ravaged and all our hard work to get ahead has been taken away, we should empathize and help others being harassed and not allow this supposedly justified thievery to take place feeding off the misfortune of the weak.

  • Qu
      17th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    im with you 100%

  • Bu
      9th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    This is all very interesting. I received a letter recently for a person who does not reside at my address, and as far as I know never has. I am not too worried about it. The only thing they seem to have is my mailing address for some debt from a company I have never dealt with.
    For now, I am going to ignore it but let me tell you that they noted the debt is originally from Citi Finbancial, Inc. If I do receive calls or harassment from Portfolio recovery Associates, LLC, I'll pick up the phone call my congressman (he lives in my neighborhood, call my lawyer and sue both portfolio recovery associates, LLC and Citifinancial, LLC. I love to kick corporate [censor] when these companies try to screw people who do not owe them any money.
    I didn't become a multi millionaire from being a wimp. I also have acquantaintances in the West Wing, not the TV show so I am not exactly scared of these people. I don't think they really have any info they could use in court anyway (i.e. like I said, the name on the letter turned out to be someone else completely different.)

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