Popeyes Louisiana Kitchenservice at 2201 paramount, amarillo tx,79109

J Nov 15, 2017

I live in Pampa Tx and I like to always grab some chicken to take back home with me! Well the first time I went there, I was asked for Mild and got home, 60 miles away, and it has Spicy!! Well, I had to throw it out cause I just can't eat it like that!! So thanks for reading the order and taking more time with my order!! 😏 Tonight the place had a long line at the drive up, I was there at least an hr!! I ordered 8pc Mild with thighs and legs only!! potatoes no gravy, small side of Cole slaw! Well I know they read the order cause they got everything right except they gave me MIX!! Omg!!! 😳😱😡 I DONT like White meat and my word, I definitely don't like wings!!!🙄 So once again I've been completely screwed over with a good meal. Tonight was for tonight and tomorrow for me! Which I was able to eat tonight but not tomorrow! I spent almost $25 for that just to be disappointed again!! These people need to pull their head out of their butt and stop talking so much and think about what they are doing!!
Thank you, JS Holdaway

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