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On April 4th 2018 I took my mother and my son to the Sideling Hill Plaza and we ordered our food from Popeye's. The cashier was moving very slow and was very rude. He didn't even get our order correct. When our number was called he threw our food on the counter and the breaded shrimp fell out of my mothers sandwich. He was about to pick it up off the counter with his hands and put it back into her sandwich but I stopped him and told him that was nasty. So he just handed me her food without making more shrimp for her sandwich. All of this was done by the cashier (#358105). I will be polite and not list his name even thou I have it. He did absolutely nothing to correct the issue. All I wanted was a good evening for my family after the bad day my mother had. We love eating at Popeye's but we will not be eating at the plaza again. THE SERVICE WAS HORRIBLE!!! Store ID 4PAPOP21

Apr 05, 2018
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  • Ju
      Apr 05, 2018

    This incident also made me fight with my mother. It turned out that this man was stupid. A mongoloid. He has down syndrome. I told him to his face that if he is stupid he should not be working. My mother told me that it was I who was rude. I told her to shut up and stay out of this. It was between me and that reject. Then my son started crying. I slapped him and my mom told me that she was talking him home. My son lives with my mother because she called CPS seven months ago because I slapped him that time. They investigated both her and me. They were going to put him in a foster home but they decided that she was fit to care for him. She told me that I was being rude, and calling him a mongoloid was insulting. I said that if he does not want to be insulted he should be in a group home or something. She told me that my behavior was rude, not his and apologized to him because of my behavior. I told her that she was stupid and should not apologize for me when that monogolid was in the wrong. She told me that I was setting a bad example for my son and he was crying because he was scared. I said he is probably afraid of that monogolid's face. That if the reject cannot work fast he should be cleaning washrooms or living in a group home. This was when she told me that the conversation was over and she was leaving. I just wanted a good evening with my family as I hardly get to see my son. I am only allowed to see him when my mom is there to supervise. She and this reject ruined the evening. I have no issue with you hiring these people but they should be away from people as his disfigured face frightened my son. He should be working away from human beings.

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  •   Apr 05, 2018

    Troll. Posts the same story every few days, using different restaurants and children. CPS is called over a slap, etc. This person has no life and entertains himself by posting fake complaints. I guess teenagers need a hobby.

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  •   Apr 06, 2018

    Same one we've tangled with before. I just warn people so they don't get caught in the drama.

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