Popeyes Chicken / the food and the employee

South Richmond Hill New York, United States

I went today [protected]) to purchase the 12 piece chicken @ 104-13 Lefferts Blvd South Richmond Hill NY 11419? I place my order got my chicken open the box at the counter to see my chicken. The chicken pieces was so freaking small like the legs and the wing the breast was just mostly bone with some chicken on the bone, when I told the working about what kind of chicken is this he went to the manager to tell her, the b#### just tell him to give me my money back with an attitude like I'm begging for the chicken, they didn't offer to exchange a few pieces nothing, I said I'm paying my money atlease give me some good piece of chicken the working gonna tell me with an attitude if I feel they getting the chicken free, I never ask him for no free chicken. Im not saying that I want all big pieces of chicken but come on atlease have a few decent pieces.This is the worst POPEYES on 104-13 Lefferts Blvd South Richmond Hill 11419...the staff in the night is so nice the manager is a lovely guy but in the day the manager is a Spanish lady her face is like a hog so is her attitude I'm never gonna spend my money there again and I'm gonna tell all my friend and family to never go back there...

Jan 20, 2017

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