Popeyes Chicken / bad customer service

On Friday March 3, 2017 around 8:00pm. I went to the NE Division (restaurant 10887) in Gresham Oregon to place an order thru the drive thru for the 10 pieces chicken in mild. I was told to wait 5 min before they can taking the order. I waited 5 min then got my order placed. I drove to the window to pay for the order and was told that they are shorted 2 pieces of the brumstick. The guy that take the order are willing to substitute the 2 missing pieces of brumstick for a 3 pieces of thigh. I agreed with the substitution. As I drove off to the parking lot I decided to count the 11 pieces of chicken and notice right away that i only got 8 pieces which i should have 11 pieces. I went inside the restaurant and have to waited another 5 min because of all the people a front of me. Finally, I got the girl (Abby) that was doing all of the boxing including my order. I told her that my order only have 8 pieces which I sure have 11 pieces totals due to the unavailable drumstick that suppose to come in with the 10 pieces. She said "I can only get you one piece of thigh and that's it because I already gave you 3 pieces of wings" I then ask her(Abby) are you sure you gave me 3 pieces of wings. Abby, replied yes. So I call her out, why did you lie that you gave me 3 wings when you only gave me 2 pieces of wings and you only gave me 8 pieces of chickens in totals for what I've paid for the 10 pieces. She just walked away like I was not there anymore. I ask for the manager. The manager(Kymberly) came and I explained the whole situation to her. She then gave me 3 pieces of wings and did not even apologize. I told her that I will file a complaint for the bad customer service and that her employee (Abby) need work discipline.

Mar 07, 2017

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