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I have been a pogo member and non-member since 2001. So i have seen a few things that i think everyone who plays [and pays] and who [doesnt pay] and plays might want to know.
Every thing i say here is my opinion [correct or incorrect as it may be] . Now the big question. Do i believe the jps are real?? Yes i believe [some] are real! No i do not believe all the jps are real!! There is a way to find out if the jp winner is real or not [and not just by putting them in your friends list] that will not tell you if the person is real ! I will not tell you how i know thinking that a pogo employee may read this! But i will tell you there is a way and i know for a fact a large portion of the jp winners are not real ppl. I have seen a person win a $4, 999 jp and 2 daily drawings in the same week and never played but 1x since! Now do you know the odds in winning anything at all on pogo! I dont but its astronomical! So to win a jp and 2 daily drawings in the same week is impossible! And i mean impossible!!! Then to win and never play again is just a joke on every person who plays on pogo! Oh and did i mention he wasnt a member!!! There are many jp stories just like this! To many!!!
Heres another big reason not believe anything at all that you read about jps, daily drawings etc. On pogo!!
Cheat programs, bots, etc. There are literally thousands of these programs running at all times in virtually every room on the site! And thats a fact! Pogo will not do anything about anyone running these supposed illegal programs!! Even though they know they are running everywhere!Why you ask? Well to track down these thousands of programs would take time and cost a lot of money. These programs are being run by club pogo members and if they were to find them they would have to cancel there accounts. Theres no way they are going to lose the money coming in from these thousands of people!! If a real person wins the jp and is caught using a cheat program they dont give them the money!!Guess what the jackpot goes back to $50 and pogo pockets the $4, 999!!! Its a win, win, win situation for pogo to let them run on the site!!I dont know if pogo makes the cheat programs and sells them under a different name or not. But who else could do it better or faster than the one creating the games!! I questioned pogo many times about all the cheat programs running all over the site. There answer is always we are educating all the players about not using these programs. Not! What a joke!!! Outside of the 1 line dedicated to bots in their rules there has never been 1 thing mentioned on the site about not using cheat programs!!! This should be the first thing you read when you come on the site!! It should be put up in the chat area just like all the winners are!! [lmao] they want you to run cheat programs !! For reasons i already gave you!! I wonder how many of these bots are being run by pogo themselves? How hard would it be to set up fake accounts and run the cheat programs?? Lol not hard at all!! Would take all of 1 minute to do! Hell there are sites dedicated to pogo cheats with real ppl in them!! All u need to do is type in pogo cheats and the cheat programs are everywhere!!! Its pathetic and the people who own, run and work for pogo need to be investigated not only at the local and state levels but a full federal investigation as well!! When a business has over 1 million customers and is taking working peoples money from all over the world. And there is no one overseeing them. There is going to be nothing but crime of all kinds taking place on a daily basis! Not to have every cent supposedly won on pogo verified by an outside auditor is a crime in itsel[censored] They have no overseer, no one to report to! Do you actually believe they are not going to tell you lies!!! If you do you obviously are not from this world!!!
Jackpot spinners [lmao] these spinners are the biggest joke i have ever seen! The majority of games on the site have no jackpot on the spinner itself!! Now how is someone supposed to win the jp when there is no jp on the spinner! What, does it just magically appear for that special someone? I think not! Um with no jp on the spinner you cant win!!! So how can ppl win any jps!!!
Buying gems for badges [lmao] this is by far a bigger joke than the last one [lmao] !! Now i know its your money and you can do with it what you want!!But just think about this!!! When you buy gems for badges all you in reality are doing is paying over and over and over again to play the exact same games you already paid to play with your pogo membership!!!There is absolutely no difference in any game on the site when your paying for these badges with gems!! Its the biggest sucker play i have ever seen ppl fall for!! And if you really think ppl care about how many badges you have outside youself you better wake up!!! [pogo cares and thats it lmao] . Not one person is going to sit there and spend 2 hours of their time going thru your 1500 badges [lmao] ! Its a sucker play and thats all it is!! You give them money and you get nothing in return!! The games are the same! You would get the same entertainment just playing the game without giving them your money!!!
Tokens [lmao] absolutely worthles! Even less than nothing! These to can be purchased any where online! When you have cheat programs running 24-7-365 accumulating millions of these worthless things a week!!Hundreds of millions a year!! Its pointless to enter bogus drawings with your poultry few million tokens! I have seen ppl with over 1-2 billion worthless tokens! Do you know how long it would take an everyday real player to accumulate 1 or 2 billion tokens? Hundreds of years is how long!!! [lmao]
Non paying players [which i currently am and always will be] what a flipn joke pogo has made out themselves. Running moving advertisements that either freeze our games, slow down the games or just not letting us play at all!! Its nothing more than to tick us off so that we will get fed up with all the crap and give them money!!! Its total bullcrap! A game they want to play! I wonder how much their advertisers are going to like it when they see whats going on ! Im sure the u. S. Military is going to be very happy with them!!! Along with many others that will be contacted!!! Im sure they want to keep paying for crap [lmao] !!!
Well ppl there is plenty more to come after this so please keep up with all the latest pogo events!! And please feel free to respond. I look forward to it!!

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  • Ki
      19th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    im pretty ticked off myself... i was booted from a room for "abuse" earlier today... along with every one else in the spades room, and i cannot play any other game either...a hacker came into the room and booted everyone out... i got a pop up that said i had been removed from the game room for abuse... now when i try to get in again, it says i have been barred from entering the room due to prior behavior... what a effin joke...

  • Ho
      13th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    i agree 110% pogo is a rip off! i can prove it!
    pogo has it's games pre-programmed! jps! what a joke!
    now for my monopoly slots. when you click on spin watch your tokens in the chat area at the same time you click spin...your tokens will either increase or decrease before the slots stop spinning! pogo has pre- determined how many tokens you'll win!or lose!
    what a crock!
    it's sad cause i like playin the games, but if i wanna get screwed i'll hit the street corner!
    and as for the badgehelp auto players...i truely believe that was created by pogo! this i can't prove...give me's just another way for them to stay rich![which is o.k.] just be fair with the jps! which they ain't!

  • Je
      4th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree with you on pogo's crap and think something should be done! I've been on pogo for four years now and it is false ### I'm tired of and there is to much of it on pogo. If need to cantact me my e-mail is

  • Ml
      1st of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I hate pogo with a passion i cant even get passed 15000 tokens, whenever i go to the black jack carnival game i always lose all my tokens whenever i increase the bid to 250, i wish i didnt waste about 2 damn days of my life on this [censor]ing [censor] so called game website they rip everyone off, im gonna just stick to my damn board games. I hope everyone that works for pogo dies and goes to hell with at&t, because im tired of being ripped off, by some greedy mfs. I repeat do not go to pogo unless you want to waste your precious time on this earth. I have 3 words for ''you go ### yourself''!!!

  • Ca
      3rd of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    i love the fact that you all hate pogo, but u cant seem to stop playing? if you hate it so much..DONT PAY AND PLAY!!!

  • Fu
      5th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    LMAO y'all need to go OUTSIDE!

  • Fu
      5th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    and quit worrying about stupid games!

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