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How can the Government allow a such abuse to continue?
I underwent surgery very recently .The body part, being operated on, is crucial for production on a work place.As you may understand, I was not able to make enough to
cover all the expenses and the mortgage payments for 3 months as I was negotiating with PNC.After calling PNC, they asked me for some documents in order to modify the loan until I can resume work. (I just needed a temporary relief)
Apparently, EVERY REPRESENTATIVE SEEMS TO BE READING FROM A DIFFERENT PAGE if I can rely on my own experience dealing with PNC MORTGAGE DEPT; one requests the same document that was sent already.Finally, PNC advised me that my loan has been referred to a lawyer for foreclosure proceeding.
I paid March, April 2012 based upon a new book with lower monthly payment. PNC returned the money to me and continued calling me for payment.How silly is that when an individual is trying to honor his words through hardships and yet he (or she) is still being penalized?I understand that a contract was signed with an exact amount but at least accept the payment and continue working on the remained portion if you want to establish a good relationship with the homeowner such as myself.THE MAIN GOAL IS TO TAKE THE PROPERTY FROM ME because more they ask less a struggling person can come up with.Result TAKING OVER OF THE PROPERTY.
Now I am trying to reinstate the mortgage payment but the lawyer assigned by PNC hit me with an insane amount OF $10, 309.66 that needs to be paid in two weeks.HOW CAN THE GOVERNMENT ALLOW THIS ABUSE TO CONTINUE? Among the $10, 309.66, ATTORNEY FEE $3, 500 ( THREE THOUSAND FIVE HENDRED DOLLARS. Let's see what $3, 500 is for : Attorney fees $615+ Attorney fees estimate 820+ Title search and Exam 200+Filling fee estimate $1, 000+Service of Process estimate $600+Skip Trace Estimate $90+Case dismissal estimate $50+Dismissal Prep Fee estimate $125. CAN SOMEBODY TAKE A LOOK AT THESE FEES AND ENLIGHTEN ME?some of these fees appear to be similar to me.
Can you imagine charging a struggling family $3, 500 just for attorney fees when it had trouble already making ends meet? PNC BANK, , , PNC BANK...PNC BANK
Where are my people from any agency responsible of overseeing the banks, any real estate lawyer?Please help me see the light in this murky, dark tunnel.I am not ready to give up but I am so tired with the recovery therapy ;I only need someone to stand by me.This is my address [protected]

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