PlayerAuctions / scamming: explicit and blatantly scamming of player account - order no. 3200051 (will take legal action if necessary)

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This is a very serious matter, I will take legal action against the seller if needed.

Recently, i've purchased an account (Osrs - runescape 2007) for $200 usd (With 1-year insurance) on The seller delivered on 18th september 2017 and the account had no problems. I changed the password, and email to my own, he also provided me with the recovery details.

Afterwards, i've transferred all my in-game wealth from my old account to the newly bought one. The in-game wealth is worth over 1 billion osrs coins (Which almost translate to over $1500 usd in the real world), which is, unfortunately, an unwise move by me.

After 3 short days of playing, up to today (22 september 2017), the seller sent a recovery request to the game developers (Jagex) claiming the account was stolen. I was immediately locked out of the account. Then he proceeded to change the account's email, and password.

I tried to recover the account myself with the details he provided, and of course, that didn't work, because all of the information is fake.

During the 3 days of gameplay, I was extremely careful with my behavior, I did not bot, nor swear, kept very little interaction with other in-game players and only played on secured servers. I was very aware not to do anything in-game to result in myself being hacked, or banned.

Furthermore, when I confronted the seller through pa messaging today, he told me it was a "dog eat dog world" and he decided to "change his mind about quitting", which I assume, he admits that he has taken the account back without authority or consultation.

As a buyer, I would say this is an extremely unpleasant and tragic experience for me. I do not know what I have done to deserve this, I was very polite to the seller when I purchased the account, I treated him with respect, and yet he betrayed me.

I tried to claim the account on playerauctions to get a compensation since i've bought insurance. However, after still no reply. I've tried sending emails to them, describing fully about the situation. But they didn't even send a reply.

This is you should never use, they are a bunch of scammers, and moreover, they are the cancer of the gaming community since they create a platform for scammers to legitimate buyers.


  • PlayerAuctions Customer Care's Response, Oct 17, 2017

    Hi there, Jeremy.

    Sorry for replying just now on your review. This has already been fully resolved following our conversation at Sythe forums. The refund is already with you, and we were able to take care of the payment of the additional request you sent to us over there. We apologize again for the hassle, and we'd like to thank you again for extending your patience on this matter. Please contact us again through our ticketing system in case you need help or if you have any other questions.

    Kind regards,
    PlayerAuctions Team

Sep 22, 2017

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