Planet Fitness / fees after cancellation!

Stone Mountain, GA, United States
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I canceled this membership in Oct 2014 because they wanted to charge me $39 for a yearly fee. I was told the fees were $10.00 a month with no contract. I closed the debit card I used when I signed up a year ago. They somehow got into my bank account and took the $39.00 plus the months since Oct. I have not been to the gym since Sept. I filed fraud charges against them because I did not authorize this charge. They somehow got into my bank account, (I never gave them my actual account number). Be aware of these practices. They won't respond to e-mail, they only call me on the phone and I told them back in OCT to cancel and they assured me that would happen. They have no right to go into my account when I canceled the card and the membership!

Dec 29, 2014

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