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I went to planet fitness in coon rapids, MN and the lady that works there during the night shift was the rudest person you could ever meet. Her name tag said Tracy. She was talking to people like they are stupied. Then the same happend to me when I when to ask for help. I forgot my card and for something small like that she had a fighting match with me about how I should even be at the coon rapid location because they are not making money off of me!! What!!?? I told her that I am a black card member and she still found a way to disagree and argue with me. She has the most horrible customer service ever. I went through the reviews on there site for Google and it seems as if many people has complained about her and pf is allowing it to continue. This is unexcepible the way she talks to people.

Jan 30, 2017
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      Jun 05, 2019

    Wrongful termination discrimination from Joshua gass jasper Alabama location
    This was emailed to Joshua gass no response

    Let me understand this.
    So you was watching cody mcdow all day on camera on his cell phone. You called last night and told (will) the manager that allowed cody and hannah to be on their phones. To terminate cody and escort him out like a criminal..
    If you review cameras you will see hannah and cody both on their phones side by side when Joshua called and terminated the Male employee, but not the pretty blonde employee. You will also see the manager allowing them on their phones.
    So if a lawyer reviews the camera and sees cody and hannah side by side on their cell phones and you only fired the Male. That's wrongful termination based on sex and discrimination. Then he reviews and see the manager will allowing these employees on their phone which he will then that's a hell of a law suit dont you think so too Joshua gass??
    I would like a call back or a hirer manager to speak with before I go any further. This corporation is based on none discrimination.
    Seems you kept the pretty blonde girl and discriminated against the cute male.. not to mention the manager allowed them to be on their phones. Bigger question why was you watching him all night? Or was you watching the female around him??
    Why not fire both employees? Why have the manager allowed employees to be on their phones?
    Priscilla Simmons
    Email [protected]

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