Planet Fitness / contract

To whom in may concern,

I got a call from saya recoveries to say I have been handed over by yourselves for r463

The contract start date was 2014/10/04.
It clearly states it is for 24 months which should end 2016/10/03.
When I signed the contract, the consultant did not say that if the contract does not start at the beginning of the month, it will end at the end of the month.
They have not done this is writing, and they do not gave my signature whereby I accept this.

I cancelled this account on thursday the 1st sept 2016.
I even had a disagreement with the consultant as he wanted to charge me for the full month of october stating that's when the contract ends.

He said he would log the compliant and I have ever heard back from planet fitness then 1st september 2016.

Now today 4th june 2018, 1.5 years later I get a call from saya recoveries to say I have been handed over by planet fitness.

I will happily pay for 3 days (r41.77) as per the legal signed contract attached.

Planet fitness cannot provide me with the following:
• proof that the consultant advised me of the extension date of 1st nov 2016 when cancelling the contract
• my signature whereby I agreed for the extension of 1st nov 2016
• proof that planet fitness has been calling my cell phone asking for the money since october 2016

Jun 05, 2018

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