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Planet Fitness / rude employees

1 CT, United States Review updated:

Yesterday, I went in to Planet Fitness with my mother as her guest. I signed up with them when I was 17 & I quit my job because I moved. A month later, I called and tried to cancel my membership. The man was very rude, and I wasn't very willing to listen. Point is I signed a contract. Whatever.
Well, it's three years later and I have an outstanding fee. I never used that bank account in the first place because I changed banks. I never got any letters or anything since I moved. I thought I'd get the info regarding the fees, work out and go back tomarrow and pay them. My mom has gone to this gym four days a week for almost four years. You would think we have sort of credit here.
He takes my ID, types in my name & I hear an alarm go off. Then I said "I might have an outstanding fee." The man told me "You cannot be a guest here" In the most rudest tone. Okay, I'm leaning on the desk and I step back. Then I look at my mom and she says "That's not in the contact I signed" He told her it's policy. Whatever. Then I ask for paperwork regarding my fees so I can review the total & acuracy and such to pay later.
I felt like a loser because people I know there were staring & my mom's walking away saying "I'll just write corporate"
Well, I would like to call corporate & cannot find the number. I would like to speak to someone regarding my fees, & I would like to pay them. The people there are entirely rude.
I want to pay but I do not want to pay via internet & I do not want to deal with them because according my mom the manager was there & he was the one I was dealing with. I'd like to talk to someone!!!

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  • Sk
      24th of Oct, 2009
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    I'm a member at Planet Fitness on Staten Island and made an appointment with one of the employees to help me with the exercise machines. I haven't been working out for quite sometime and of course you get rusty after so long. While she was showing me how to use the equipment she raised her voice at me and this happened a couple of times because my form wasn't right. I told her give me a break I haven't worked out on machines for a while plus I have two herniated disks. She sort of cooled her attitude, but I found her very abrasive, rude, unprofessional and very impatient. She needs training in people skills if you ask me and they don't need people like that on their staff.

    I belonged to another gym for years and because it's a little to far from where I live I cancelled my membership with them. What a mistake because the people there were very helpful and friendly. I never had a bad experience there whatsoever. A friend of mine told me to join Planet Fitness because of the good deal she got and I did, but as they say you pay for what you get.

  • Um
      24th of Oct, 2009
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    You're saying that you won't honor their contract yet your mother wants to push on what she didn't sign on the contract. That makes no sense. You're not going to have much luck getting in touch with corporate. They're not a call center, you know? Just suck it up and pay via internet already.

    And you obviously did use that bank account in the first place if they have your banking info. You just failed to update them on your new banking info.

    Also, I'm sure you didn't get any notifications because, once again, you didn't bother to update them with your new information.

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